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  • U.S. housing market continues rebound, despite increased inequality, says Harvard report

    Harvard’s annual report shows that housing shortages are pushing housing costs up, and pricing out low-income Americans The annual State of the Nation’s Housing report, produced by the Joint Center for Housing Studies (JCHS) at Harvard University, offers…

  • Retirement in the city

    It seems I was planning to blog a year ago, when my friend’s diagnosis upended my plans. Here’s what I intended to post a year ago in June:
    A recent NYT article touted the appeal of retiring to NYC, particularly for the arts:…

  • Tips to help seniors stay in their home longer

    Dr. Roger Wong’s memories of his grandmother include her favourite song, Moon River, and the way she used to cook his favourite dish, spot prawns in sweet tomato sauce.

    He and his grandmother were close, he said, until his family left Hong Kong and…

  • Aging: No need to knock retirement communities

    Betsy Bell’s “ A golden-years quandary: Where will I live? ” could have visited our fears about aging in place without disparaging…

  • Morning Bulletin: Police Brutality Lawsuit, Mayor's Town Hall, Serial Accused Pervert

    at 11:02 am by West Sider

    Photo by Heidi Stubner.

    June 18, 2018 Weather: Sunny, with a high of 90 degrees. There’s also an air quality alert .

    Hamilton actors and experts talk to…

  • Recon: Ziopharm CAR-T Trial Put on Clinical Hold; DMD Trial Hold Lifted

    | By  
    Welcome to Regulatory Reconnaissance, your daily regulatory news and intelligence briefing.
    In Focus: US
    In Focus: International Pharmaceuticals & Biotechnology Go deeper: The new…

  • June is National Home Safety Month

    Chip and Joanna Gaines may have left the home makeover reality show stage but you can still join the fun and find out ways you can help make your older loved one’s home safer as they age.

    AARP reported that 89 percent of Americans over age 65 want to…

  • Aging Ever Onward

    Once upon a birthday, Granny sent me an oversized card that read on the front:
    "It’s your birthday, so you’re a little older!"
    Inside, it added:
    "SO WHAT! So is everybody else!"
    Thanks, Granny.

    Welcome to the real world where we all age daily, but…

  • 5 Things to Think About Before Adding an In-Law Suite (10 photos)

    Metzler Home Builders An in-law suite addition in the Philadelphia area
    And it’s an undertaking that more and more families may be facing. Between people living longer and having children later in life, assisted-living facilities getting more expensive…

  • [BEST SELLING] Gerontology Nursing Case Studies: 100 Narratives for Learning by Donna J. Bowles

    Synnopsis :
    Vivid case examples help to guide nurses in developing appropriate interventions that include complementary and alternative health therapies and provide a basis for evaluating outcomes….

  • Classes for June 16 through June 22

    » Bengali Indian Cooking Class is from noon to 2 p.m. Saturday at The Haven at 112 E. Market St. (434) 227-0209.

    » Central Virginia Small-Business Development Center offers How to Start Your Own…

  • Do your parents want to stay?

    Older Americans have 3 things they are most afraid of:

    Fear of the loss of independence (needing the help of others) especially losing their home and being down sized into a studio in an assisted…

  • A golden-years quandary: Where will I live?

    As we grow older, we all have to confront the age-old question: Where do I want to live out my final years? If I could afford an adult community, would I really want to?

    Where am I going to live…

  • Friend socializes with 'other woman'

    Dear Annie: Not long ago, I got out of a relationship with an ex who was sometimes physically abusive to me. It was a nasty relationship with an even nastier breakup. And though I can now look back…

  • 'The Best of Times and the Worst of Times for Housing," UCLA Anderson Forecast, June 2018

    The Best of Times and the Worst of Times for Housing[1]  David Shulman Senior Economist, UCLA Anderson Forecast June 2018 The outlook for housing over the next few years depends upon where you live and how you live. If you are a homeowner in coastal…

  • Here Is What You Should Do For Your Aging Parents

    Lynda Shrager has seen her fair share of concerned children and stubborn parents over her thirty-seven years as a geriatric rehabilitation expert. She firmly believes that all aging parents can live…

  • County Council District 2 Interviews

    Questions for County Council District 2 Candidates
    Why did you decide to run and what are your credentials? Highlight/explain three of the most important policies in your platform. What is the…

  • Best Money Tips: 10 Big Ways Retirement Will Be Different in 2030

    Wise Bread Picks
    Travel Rewards Credit Cards
    Cash Back Credit Cards
    0% Balance Transfer Credit Cards
    Welcome to Wise Bread’s Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found articles on ways retirement will be different in 2030, awesome travel site to find the…

  • Did you know that over 27% of the individuals we served in…

    Did you know that over 27% of the individuals we served in 2017 were over 55 years old? Many of our seniors are at risk. Check out this website for more facts on aging.


  • Applications invited for MA City Design

    Royal College of Art
    Kensington Gore
    London SW7 2EU
    United Kingdom

    Facebook / Instagram

    MA City Design at the Royal College of Art is concerned with urban…