We’re woefully under prepared for our increasingly aging population

That’s what Los Angeles architect John Dutton worries about, and that that the coming demographic shift could catch the U.S. napping. In an interview in DWELL magazine, Dutton said the models for housing are completely inadequate in design and temperament for the aging population. The article presents you with a myriad of ideas for your […]


Sometimes, it helps for us to see just how active legislation for a particular initiative is going throughout the country. LegiNation, Inc. was founded with the goal of making state level legislation more readily available to the professionals who need it, and even more importantly to the public at large. BillTrack50 is available for everyone […]

Remodeling is HOT Because of Aging Population

According to Abbe Will, a research analyst for Harvard Joint Center for Housing Studies, the aging society and inaccessible housing stock is suggesting the growing need for remodeling. “Over the coming decades, the number and share of U.S. households age 65 and over will rise dramatically as the oldest members of the baby-boom generation reach […]

Are You Working In One of These Cities Where Aging in Place is In?

The Milken Institute’s “Best Cities for Successful Aging”™ report gives you the inside view of the cities where aging in place is happening. So if you live and work in one of these, your focus should be on this market! Face it: the nation is aging at an unprecedented rate, creating the largest older population […]

Updates on Aging in Place

Here are the latest updates on the latest AGING IN PLACE news! We’ll post them periodically and tweet about them to help your marketing efforts to this growing community! Enjoy. ____________________________________________________________ 7.5.2015. Dated, but still relevant. Interior Design in the New Economy. For example, there’s a whole section on Aging in Place discussing how the […]

Aging in place design: what you need to know for marketing

There’s a lot of talk and content being generated about Aging in Place these days. But, what does that mean to your marketing strategy? Like any other market, you should factor in the basics. But like any market, aging-in-place requires careful consideration when hatching your marketing strategy. And, all strategy begins with scoping out the […]

Today’s Baths are all Wet!

Wet room designs meet today’s bathroom needs while addressing future aging-in-place access requirements. Barrier-free showers and wall-hung toilets make these designs work.

Two Covers, Too Close for Comfort

The covers of Interior Design and Interiors & Sources magazines both feature the same mural in Adobe’s headquarters. How can designers protect their designs–and their reputations–from embarrassing concept similarities?

Lovely, Yet Linkless: Why Giving Designers Credit is Everyone’s Job

It is our responsibility as bloggers, tweeters, Facebook posters and content providers of all types to cite the source of the images we share. Acknowledge the designer/architect/contractor/builder or other source, somehow and somewhere in your material.

How to Survive When the Internet is ‘Killing the Expert’

In a time when anyone can blog, tweet or post on any topic they want, it’s possible for just about anyone to emerge as the supposed expert on just about anything. Here are some tips for standing out as the true expert.