Clients, Cost and Construction: What Counts to Designers

When Accountability Information Management, Inc. (AIM) asked designers at the 2011 Fall High Point Market to name the factors that influenced their design decisions, clients came out on top. Nearly half of all respondents cited the “client.” But what does it mean to give the client what she wants

Pantone, The Crayola of the Interior Design Industry

  Color is a total language that embraces everything from fashion and accessories to interiors, industrial design and cosmetics, according to PantoneĀ® Inc., the world-renowned authority on color and provider of color systems and leading technology for the selection and accurate communication of color across a variety of industries. Pantone celebrates color and is always […]

4 Ideas for Pintastic Pinning

I love Pinterest. The inspiring images of kitchen designs, beautiful bathrooms, travel getaways and more are hard to resist. As we all explore this newish social media site, though, there is much to learn about how to best use Pinterest.

Of Course, Quality is Important. But is it Enough to Sway Product Decisions?

According to research that Accountability Information Management ( conducted with exhibitors at the Kitchen & Bath Industry Show, 44% cited quality as the most important factor in brand selection.

Sell and Design with the Next Step in Mind

Because homeowners are more inclined nowadays to remain in their homes as they age, it’s important to incorporate universal design elements that meet current needs–and what clients may need years later. The same holds true for families.

Make it Splash!

Yes, there’s a highly practical side of having a backsplash. Of course, we love the highly decorative side, too.

5 Steps to Fight ‘Scan and Scram’

Five steps to fight the “scan and scram” mentality of people who go to physical stores to touch the products and ask for advice, but then purchase these products from an online source.

Start with Just One, Sweet Piece

Once you have a prospective customer’s attention, it’s not always the portfolio of past work that starts the sale. Some designers, especially those without extensive showroom space, begin the sales process with a “sweet piece.”

5 Ways to Keep a Mass Media Buy from Being a Massive Mistake

How can you find the right media for spreading your advertising message without making a massive mistake? Here are five ways.

Call Us. We’re Here. Really.

We’ve all been locked in voicemail jail before, and it’s not pretty. Have you experienced your company from the clients’ perspective to really know how they’re treated?