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Here are the latest updates on the latest AGING IN PLACE news! We’ll post them periodically and tweet about them to help your marketing efforts to this growing community! Enjoy.


7.5.2015. Dated, but still relevant. Interior Design in the New Economy. For example, there’s a whole section on Aging in Place discussing how the Baby Boom generation will begin building up pressure in the housing market. According to the report written several years ago, “Many of these retirement-age boomers may choose to stay in the workforce some years longer in order to rebuild their nest eggs and maximize their Social Security benefits.” Well, all that has come through! And, as more and more need to make modifications to their homes, that means business for you! Get the report and review for ideas!

7.5.2015. Creating a safe environment for the older senior is your job! Nancy Carey gives us a nice checklist called the Home livability checklist for seniors that’s appropriate for designers! She says that according to environmental gerontologist Esther Greenhouse, “an environment that provides obstacles in functioning will actually hasten the declined of remaining abilities”. Check out the checklist!

7.5.2015. The MetLife Report on Aging in Place 2.0 has great information for you! Since individuals want to Age in Place, the MetLife Report tells us that we are challenged to make Aging in Place easier to implement. Advocates and experts as well as designers envision a new model for Aging in Place in which design, equipment, and comprehensive services are integrated into a dynamic and efficient monitoring and management system. That takes a lot of work on everyone’s part. This report is just the thing to bring into your thinking!

7.5.2015. Grants for Remodeling Homes. Make helping your client’s aging in place with their financing for your work. Sherry Davis Zander helps you by briefing us on the number of grants available to those who cannot afford to pay for home maintenance or changes needed to safely accommodate disabled residents. For example, the USDA’s Rural Development Grant Assistance program, or Section 504 program, offers remodeling and repair grants to qualified seniors over 62 with very low income. Take advantage of her great outline to help your clients!

7.5.2015. Universal Design in the Sarasota Florida real estate market. Builders and remodeling firms are becoming more and more interested and informed about universal design. Just this month, the “Universal Design Coalition” held a forum at the offices of the Realtors Association of Manatee & Sarasota. Panelists like John King of Rampart Homes, Greg Hall of Hall Architects, Kathleen Houseweart, a Geriatrics Manager at SMH Healthcare System and Tracy Lux of Trace Marketing took part in a wide ranging discussion of Universal Design concepts. So if you are in the Sarasota market and doing Aging in Place design, here’s an opportunity to help “be the expert!” Universal design responds to the growing interest by people to remain in their current homes rather than leaving the home. You can find theTOP 10 Remodeling Contractors in Sarasota County FL on the Prime Buyer’s report. And you can contact Sarasota Builders & Remodelers, Inc. association to see how you can help them. Not in Sarasota? Your community has the same situation! Look for associations and builders involved in Universal Design.

7.5.2015. With universal design, your bathroom will be more accessible to everyone. What are consumers being told about Universal Design? Does it help or hinder your own design efforts? There’s a lot of information out there about interior designing, and it can work for or against you. Heidi Raschke writing How to Remodel Your Bathroom for Now and the Future works for you! So share the story with your clients! Better yet, write and publish your OWN story on your blog!

7.5.2015. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has data showing that age-adjusted death rates from unintentional falls have been soaring. One out of three older adults (those aged 65 or older) falls each year. Consider these statistics in your proposals.

7.5.2015 The Great Senior Sell-Off Could Cause the Next Housing Crisis.  74 percent of new housing demand will come from the people who bought homes, now empty-nesters, wanting to downsize. Emily Badger gives us food for thought. She says roughly 7 percent of over-65 households move each year, and as people get older, their likelihood of moving from owning to renting gets higher and higher. What does that mean for you and your designing practice? Well, give them reasons to stay put!  Designing for Aging in Place is about meeting the needs of this older generation. Help them stay in their homes!

7.5.2015 How Technology Helps Aging Parents Stay In Their Homes.  Lynn Wilson, founder of The CareGiver Partnership says, “Products and services to facilitate aging in place are continually emerging, with technology making a big impact on home safety and quality of life.” This article gives you the overview of technology. “There’s never been a better, easier time to age in place.” The CareGiver Partnership is a national direct-to-consumer retailer of home healthcare products for incontinence, diabetes, nutrition support and more. It might be worthwhile to contact them, and see what they can offer your designs! Call Lynn at 1-800-985-1353 M-F 9am-4pm CST and see what’s available. Or, visit them at www.caregiverpartnership.com/.


6.29.2015. Aging in Place may spawn smaller tubs and bigger windows! Barbara Ballinger writes in the Lompoc Record that home design professionals borrowed the spa concept from swank hotels and resorts to give the bathroom a soothing ambiance awhile ago. She says, “New York architect and designer Anjie Cho found some clients who travel frequently no longer want to be reminded of a hotel at home.” Ballinger also says to “float the vanity.” “This style offers another plus: For baby boomers beginning to think about aging in place, it permits greater accessibility with room underneath to accommodate a wheelchair.” Read about it Smaller tubs, bigger windows: Tracking the trends for your bathroom.

6.29.2015. FAST & Company. Michael Grothaus write about how the aging population will seriously start affecting world economies in the next decade. In fact, a workforce built around caring for the aging population will be one of the hottest sectors of the economy. Are you part of that workforce? What is the role of the designer? Everything! Read their predictions of the top 10 growth job categories between now and 2025 and ask yourself: how — and where — do you fit? The role of the designer is everywhere! For example, think sensors! Aging in place is a thing with the Internet of Things (IOT) and your designs, the more they factor that in, the more they will be even more successful! Partner with your contractors to “think smart!”

6.29.2015.Home is Key to Aging-In-Place Strategy says Cassandra Dowell. And the home is YOUR expertise! As a designer specializing in Aging in Place, there’s an entire market opening up for you. Because as America’s aging population continues to grow, so does the need for options to help seniors remain in their homes. Who better than you to provide those options? Read more about what Robyn Golden, director of health and aging at Rush University Medical Center says. And explore what the Institute on Aging says.

6.29.2015. Interior designer Jeannie Richmond, owner of Interior Concepts in Beckley comes to the rescue! Read about how Jeannie helped her sister-in-law shape up their 1920s home to accommodate mobility! “It takes a lot of space to get a wheelchair from one position to another,” Richmond said. Put her ideas into your own portfolio of thinking! Great article by Michelle James, the REGISTER-HERALD LIFESTYLES EDITOR in Beckley, WV.

6.29.2015. Plan a Survey of Your Own! Designers need to know about their customers, so why not conduct your own research, especially about Agers-in-Place? Here is a sample research survey being done right now by the town of Cumberland Maine. There are 17 questions that you can take and make your own. You don’t have to live in Cumberland to benefit from their wisdom of asking the right questions! It’s simple! Examine each question carefully, and then adapt it to your own needs. For example, question 4 asks about how many people live in the primary residence? That’s important information in your design. In fact, you can create a whole 17-question checklist each time you interview a potential client! And, the answers can lead you to making better design decisions! What a great idea the Town of Cumberland is doing for their residents!

6.29.2015. Transitional Care is Hot. Read what Josh Rosen, senior VP and team leader at Capital One, based in Chicago, about the state of the seniors housing industry today. According to Rosen, it’s about “transitional care.” And with 10,000 baby boomers turning 65 every day, the seniors housing sector is hot. Are you taking advantage of this in your design business?

6.29.2015. Alzheimer’s disease is an illness of the brain. Difficult, for everyone, including designers. The Caring for a Person with Alzheimer’s from the National Institute on Aging is an excellent resource to make yourself aware of the particular needs of this disease in an in-home situation. Besides discussing the specifics of behaviors, this resource gives you great information for design considerations, including an entire chapter on safety. For example, specifying child-proof plugs for unused electrical outlets or specifying areas to “lock” prescription medication will give you a whole in point of view on your design considerations! Download it for free and add it to your portfolio of ideas.


6.20.2015. Fold In Banking Advice in Your Approach. American Banking Association offers advice for ‘aging in place.’ According to ABA President and CEO Frank Keating. “It’s important that older adults and their families plan ahead to ensure they have the housing they need for a safe, comfortable and independent life.” He says it is critical to understand financial resources, how long they’ll last and what housing options are the most cost effective for you. The advice — ranging from looking at reverse mortgages or making security a priority — can be found on the biz570.com website. This advice should be factored into your own consulting practice with your aging in place target. For example, it’s not just a kitchen anymore when you factor in security!

6.20.2015 Designing for Aging in Place in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia? The Chamber’s Aging-In-Place Roundtable’s mission is to educate the community about local services supporting vitality and choice in the second half of life and to provide a forum for discussion and collaboration about the issues surrounding aging in place. Get on the agenda! Seniors need to know their choices when it comes to interior design and aging in place. Get in touch with the Education Speaker Coordinator, Larry Elkins, PLCS (866) 667-1475.They want to learn what you have to offer, collaborate with service providers, and enjoy fellowship and inspiration with each other.

6.20.2015 Surge in the population of Quebecers over age 75 will soon strain resources. Attention Canadian designers! According to Kevin Hughes, regional economist for CMHC for Quebec, opportunity is going to start knocking at your door as the population of seniors over age 75 will double by about 2032. Larger developers are aware of this trend, so get into your contact mode. You can find a list of developers to jump start your marketing at www.toutmontreal.com. And don’t forget, more Quebecers live in private seniors’ residences than other Canadians!

6.20.2015. Pros and Cons of Walk in Tubs from a Pro. Tom Mills, owner of HandyPro Handyman Services, brings ADA compliant senior home upgrading advice for your design consideration on walk-in tubs. As a designer, you want to know these pros AND cons to better help your clients! Besides, it’s what’s around the tub that makes the bathroom a design worth having! Don’t underestimate your contribution in ALL aspects of designing for the Aging-in-Place marketplace. Read our blog, Aging in place design: what you need to know for marketing.

6.20.2015. Tap Your Town’s Senior Resource Center. Guess what many calls that come into a town’s senior resource center are about? If you guessed Aging in Place, you’d be right on! Just ask Kay Wilmesher, Littleton’s community program manager — at least among those who have contacted the city’s Aging Well Resource Center as reported in Colorado Community Media’s Littleton Independent by Jennifer Smith. “We consider ourselves to be the experts on finding the experts,” Wilmesher told Littleton City Council, and guess what? You are that expert! So get in touch with your local Senior Center and open up the conversation for business.

6.20.2015. Get Published. One of the ways you market yourself is to get published. There is a Call for Papers for Caring for Elderly in Asia: Long-Term Care in the Familial Context. Sound out of reach? Think again! You are an expert if you are serving the Aging in Place market, and it can’t hurt to explore this opportunity (imagine what it would do to you business if you are selected!). Besides, just reviewing what they are looking for in their requirements will give you a wealth of ideas for you own marketing strategy! Paper proposals should include a title, an abstract (300 words maximum) and a brief personal biography of 150 words for submission by 30 July 2015. Sharon Ong is the contact if you need information at Asia Research Institute, National University of Singapore. Her Email is: arios@nus.edu.sg. Try this: review the requirements, and then approach you own local educational institution to put out a call for papers in YOUR area!

6.20.2015 Houzz Survey on Remodeling Published. The fourth annual Houzz & Home survey, with more than 170,000 respondents in the U.S. among the 260,000 respondents globally is available for your review. It found, among many other things, that over half of 60+ households are planning to stick in their homes. Enter renovation! And that means opportunity for you! Click on the link here and take the pdf for yourself! Houzz & Home 2015 report.

6.20.2015. Folding in Technology Into Your Designs. Cyril Touhy tells you how to use technology in your thinking for Aging in Place. According to Touhy, Charles S. Strickler testified before the Senate panel on how he and his wife saved his family as much as $327,000 in expenses by caring “in home” for his mother and mother-in-law. Here is his complete testimony: United States Senate Special Committee on Aging and the Benefits of Aging-In-Place Technologies Testimony of Charles S. Strickler.

6.20.2015. Think Safety. Don’t overlook safety in your designs for the Aging in Place crowd. Little things mean a lot, and as much as you are aware of a senior’s particular needs, here’s a quick review of the basics of safety for your design considerations.


6.10.2015. Marketing in Boulder? The six goals of Housing Boulder are to strengthen existing commitments to affordable housing, “maintain the middle,” create diverse housing choices, create so-called 15-minute neighborhoods in which many services are within walking distance, strengthen partnerships and enable aging in place. If you are a design firm or architectural firm in the Boulder community, this article will give you plenty to think about and use in your marketing. There are government officials including Councilwoman Lisa Morzel,  Councilman Macon Cowles and Mayor Matt Appelbaum for you to contact and offer your services. Go get ’em!

6.10.2015. Marketing in Canada? A survey from Wood Buffalo Housing and Development found nearly all Fort McMurray residents agree the lack of affordable seniors’ housing is a serious issue. Councillor Phil Meagher was at the Aging In Place facility at Willow Square. Nearly 66% of seniors indicated they wanted existing facilities and services offering housing for seniors – specifically Rotary House, Legion Manor and Araubasca House – to be maintained concurrently with an Aging in Place center. Only 51% of the rest of respondents agreed. The point is that if you are marketing to the Aging in Place community, you are going to have to deal with the local government — whether you are in Canada or the U.S. Therefore, get to know them! Also, participate when you can in such surveys (or start one yourself!). Research is one of the keys to marketing to ANY market, including Aging in Place. KB-Resource has made arrangements with Interline Creative Group, Inc. to provide their Research guide at no charge to readers of this blog. Contact them at www.interlinegroup.com. Or, call 847-358-4848.

6.10.2015. In Great Falls, Montana, congratulations to Rebecca Scott, a local interior designer, recently received her certification from the National Home Builder’s Association, as a Certified Aging In Place Specialist. She is a member of ASID and an AKBD certified designer from the National Kitchen and Bath Association.

6.10.2015 JD Norris, the owner/operator of DreamMaker Bath&Kitchen and a certified S.C. Master Builder, certified “Aging in Place” Specialist and certified Green Professional, wrote a nice piece on how to stop squeaky floors in  the Aiken Standard is a daily newspaper published in Aiken, South Carolina. This is an excellent example of getting the word on on your services! Great job, JD!


6.7.2015. Older Americans Month: Get into the Act! Each May, the Administration for Community Living celebrates Older Americans Month to recognize older Americans for their contributions to the nation. This year, in honor of the 50th anniversary of the Older Americans Act (OAA), we are focusing on how older adults are taking charge of their health, getting engaged in their communities, and making a positive impact in the lives of others. The theme for Older Americans Month 2015 is Get into the Act. What a great way to market your services to the Aging in Place Community! There is a ton of resources available for your use from the Administration for Community Living.

6.7.2015. Here is an interview Janet Berry, Deputy District Attorney of the Santa Clara County Elder Fraud Unit. Plus an Aging in Place interview with Jennifer Burkett, the care coordinator at Carney, Sugai & Sudweeks. She has extensive experience providing advocacy for clients in a variety of health and elder care settings.

6.7.2015. The American Association of Retired People reports that almost 90% of those surveyed hope to remain in their family homes right up until the end of their lives. Ramp It Up, one of the country’s leading wheelchair ramp sales, rental, and installation companies, announced the commencement and details of a special new licensing program. Fold it into your marketing thinking!

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