Amerec Celebrates 100 Years in Business with New Offerings for Steam Bath Generator and Sauna Product Lines

Amerec AX series steam bath generator.
WOODINVILLE, WA – To celebrate its 100-year anniversary, Amerec Steam and Sauna is offering new finish options for its Centennial AK and AX series steam bath generators and a new Heritage sauna package. Amerec Steam and Sauna has a long history based in the Pacific Northwest and is now part of the TyloHelo World Group, the largest sauna and steam bath company in the world, with a history dating back to 1919 when the company was first established in Wyborg, Finland.

The steam line is celebrating 100 years in business by offering its Centennial line of steam products with the classic finish of matte black and brushed bronze for both the AK and AX series of steam bath generators.

Amerec is also pleased to introduce the Heritage Sauna package that is designed with the company’s deep tradition of quality wood and includes a multi-layer sauna experience provided by the new “Himalaya” heater.

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