As you plan your strategy on which exhibits to hit and when, be sure to allow time to catch some of the Voices from the Industry sessions. Jim Nowakowski, president of Interline Creative Group, Inc., returns with Voices from the Industry sessions on customer retention in a digital market.

On January 12th from 9:30 – 10:30AM in room S230C Staying In Front of Your Customers in a Digital Environment will review cutting-edge strategies for marketing in a digital age. Learn why product- or service-oriented strategies no longer provide a meaningful or sustainable differentiation from competition. You get all the important information regarding digital disruption and what tools are available to keep your businesses relevant and valuable in relation to servicing customers – the business basics that are the foundation and never change in spite of the changing landscape.

This year, you can be part of Jim’s presentation. Nothing is better than using an example to demonstrate how his strategies work…and he uses many examples.  Want to have your company used as an example? He is customizing his presentation to include examples that are relevant to the audience and is looking for suggestions of targets you are aiming at!

Let him help you stay in front. Here’s how.