KBIS…It’s not all about kitchen and bath design, it’s business too. Voices from the Industry is part of the must see attraction of KBIS – known for bringing relevant topics and trends. Back by request, don’t miss Jim Nowakowski’s (president of Interline Creative Group, Inc.) Voices from the Industry courses at KBIS2017.

On January 11th from 3:30 – 4:30PM in room S230D How to Target the Right Customer reveals proven tactics that will help increase sales by “taking control” of finding new customers and nurturing them. Not only will you gain a better understanding of how customers and prospects consume, create and distribute information online and offline , your role  in attracting and nurturing new business will be revealed.

Nowakowski will give concrete examples of how to glean sales knowledge and information from your existing data, create relevant content, and build an effective strategy. Discover internal techniques on finding new prospects through the information at your fingertips and finally how to turn prospects into customers.

This year, you can be part of Jim’s presentation. Nothing is better than using an example to demonstrate how his strategies work…and he uses many examples.  Want to have your company targets used as an example? He is customizing his presentation to include examples that are relevant to the audience and is looking for suggestions of targets you are aiming at!

Let him help you hit your targets. Here’s how