About us

KB-Resource LLC is a company serving the content creation,distribution and consumption needs of companies like manufacturers, architects,designers and others in the construction industry. This website, which was created after the depression of 2009, has been a fertile proving ground of sorting out the digital transformation going on around all of us.

Our focus is bringing together companies with USER DEFINED audiences – not audiences defined by a media outlet. We already know the most valuable website is the company’s website, and that KB-Resource can only be an adjunct to that. In other words, we’re secondary to your primary website.

That changes the equation.

Instead of offering you a pre-defined audience, much of which has people you are not interested in, our intent is to build an audience with you and for you that makes the most sense to influence the sale of your products.

For example, one leading media outlet claims a total audience of over 4.5 million individuals for a specific segment in construction: the architect. The truth is, no one knows the total number of architects registered in the U.S., not even the National Council of Architectural Registration Boards who says there are 109,748 architects, but when asked, will tell you no one really knows the total.

Even if all of those are in the 4.5 million, YOU are not interested in all of them, but only the ones that specify your products. Everything else is waste.

KB-Resource doesn’t want 109,748. They want only the ones YOU are interested in to visit not just us, but you. That’s why when we publish content on our website, it will ALWAYS lead back to you directly. Furthermore, we will monitor, through our proprietary technology, the companies we’re sending your way. Then, and only then, can we have a business discussion.

KB-Resource LLC has worked for the last five years with Interline Creative Group, Inc., a leading B2B marketing company, and Accountability Information Management, Inc., (a leading B2B research company) to formulate this path to purchase and specification.

That path begins with content creation. That content is then distributed and consumed. The problem has been 1) not everyone you send your content to will distribute it; and 2) you don’t know WHO is really consuming it. Or at least not always.

That’s why, frankly, digital advertising doesn’t work. Not only do people ignore ads more and more; but people are interested in CONTENT, period. They use Google to find things. If you are not on page one, you’re far less likely to get traffic.

KB-Resource LLC works WITH you to create your content distribution and consumption strategy that leads to page one of Google.

It starts with your information, not just on your website, but on ours. Send us your news, your case histories, your videos, and we will post them on our newly revamped website. Then, and only then, can we begin to tell you who is visiting, how often, and provide additional details to help us hatch a search strategy that brings in the people you want, not the people the media outlet is offering you.

KB-Resource LLC is an entirely different proposition – one that recognizes that it’s about content – your content.

Let us help you build your audience and community. Send us your information for posting on today.

Thank you!

How to Submit your Content

To submit an article or story idea, please e-mail [email protected].

To submit your news releases, simply send them to [email protected]. including your photo.

We welcome all content! If you have an opinion idea, sent your pitch to [email protected] .