Our Mission

To become a content partner with companies seeking to solidify their role in the path to specification, purchase and installation.

We believe that content is the digital currency in the world today. It has characteristics of other currencies. For example, the government creates currency; companies create content. The government puts its currency into circulation; a company puts its content into circulations (audiences). Government currency is exchanged; company currency is exchanged. Sometimes the government currency is invested or saved in financial institutions; company currency is invested into institutions usually called media outlets.

Despite what we believe, the government cannot create an unlimited amount of currency. If it creates too much, inflation occurs, which is the decrease in the purchasing power of the currency. Likewise, if there is too much content, the power of the content is decreased.

Essentially, that is what is going on today: the quantity of content is so large that it is difficult to distinguish the quality. Saying that, however, it is important to produce content – but make it relevant. One of the ways to make it relevant is to understand what your target audience is consuming, how it consumes, and then shape your content to fit their needs.

Targeting is our Objective

KB-Resource’s mission is quality content aimed at the right people — value propositions that increase the value of your content because of the reciprocal relationship we have with you, our visitors, and ourselves.

Instead of pre-defined audiences at $x dollars per thousand, your content distribution on will determine that audience and its value to you as we build it together through SEO.

Google “Aging in Place Marketing”

Content is indexed by Google and then over time, pushed up the ladder to a higher and higher result position. If you Google “Aging in Place Marketing,” you will see KB-Resource is not only on page one: it is number one. If you Google something similar – for example,” marketing to the aging in place” – you will see the same results.

Our intention is to help your content do this. Through careful craftsmanship and postings, through proper promotion, we will help build your SEO through our own. The result will be building you a quality audience that is interested in your products and services “naturally” – through SEO.