How much data can you eat” is a blog written by Jim Nowakowski, the President of Interline Creative Group, which discusses the huge amount of data (content) being generated today.

KB-Resource believes that the creation, distribution and consumption of content is so critical to a company’s success, that our goal is to help companies create and distribute valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract customers. When you supply your content to our website, we will post it and link it back to your website, giving you the benefit of SEO. We want to publish all of the content we can for a simple reason: Google doesn’t filter. Google reads everything, and because it reads everything, it indexes everything.

Part of our business relationship will evolve because of this. After your content is posted and linked back to your website, our company will monitor the traffic (and companies) going back to your website. As time goes on and SEO kicks in, we will contact you to have a business discussion on what this means.

Many media companies are restrictive in publishing content. This is because their business model is based on having visitors to THEIR website in order to sell you advertising. Our model is completely different.

Our model is based on the number of people we can send back to your website from ours. That is what takes time. This is very differernt from placing an ad on a website and supposedly get clicks and hits.

The new model of content creations, distribution and conception has to be based on your ROI – not just ours.

How We Figured It Out

When digital was born, every company became a publisher. Every company with a website had the opportunity to gather an audience. Most print publishers when they understood this took great pains to create digital websites. In print, they controlled the audiences. On the internet, it was anyone’s game.

Today companies are figuring this out. Ask yourself: Is it better for you to have the audience come to you or to the media outlet selling you digital ads? From the beginning, companies have had visitors coming to their websites, however they mistakenly believed that media outlets had more.

Which is true to a degree. But, as the digital content distribution, creation and consumption continues, more and more companies realize that they ARE in fact a media outlet too.

In a pitch to a major media outlet several years ago, Interline explained to the publisher (whose goal was to become Google) that they were in jeopardy. Increasingly, their audiences were going to their advertisers’ websites directly for the advertisers’ content – not the media outlets. The difference was that the advertiser (company) wasn’t charging anyone for their content, but the media outlet was. It was an unsustainable model then, and it still is today.

Once companies figured this out – that content is what drives SEO – why would they provide that content to a media outlet instead of placing it on their own website?

Thus, companies (advertisers) were and are in competition with media outlets.

What We Do

Because we understand this relationship, our goal is to provide a place for your content in order to help build your SEO, and to formulate a plan to attract quality – not quantity. By sending visitors back to your website, we build your SEO.

This is why we do not offer digital advertising on our website. It’s all about content. And in the beginning of this relationship, we believe that publishing your content on our website will help your SEO.

What we do is find out  reasons why our content is working for you. That is, sending visitors from our site to yours. Then, and only then, can we have a business discussion. We allow the organic building of an audience to take place naturally from the beginning. This enables us to properly judge the value of visitors – not just as a click, hit or time spent on a website.

It’s Called Engagement

People are too busy today to read advertising. They look for content that has value.

But, producing content with value is getting harder and harder. ‘There’s nothing new under the sun’ is a famous saying. But what’s new to you, is not new to someone else. That is the reason why you must publish all the content you can, wherever you can. Google determines what people see in their searches. The more content and linking you have, the more chances you have of being on page one.


KB-Resource welcomes your content.