DECOCER Ceramics Help Minimalist Spanish Home Achieve Warmth, Proximity to Natural Environment

The project seeks calm in relation to the natural environment that surrounds it, and uses signature ceramics to achieve warmth and proximity.

The glazed ceramic runs through the different rooms of the single-family house.

House in the Termet, a Mediterranean botanical garden. Villa-real (Spain).

“Every space has its soul, it has to be unique, eternal and timeless”, this is how we would define this single-family home of a prestigious dentist located in the Termet area (Villa-Real, Spain), an authentic botanical garden on the banks of the Mijares River inland of the Mediterranean coast.

In this environment surrounded by water, culture and nature, the architects have built a contemporary and minimalist style house inspired by the spirit of calm and timelessness that characterizes this unique area. Decocer ceramics are used for the expressive sincerity of the material.

Decocer small-size signature Ceramics

The house has neutral tones throughout, both outdoor and indoor, looking for a sense of peace and tranquility. In order to create an essence, the owners worked together with Decocer team and decided to use small size ceramic pieces in the different bathrooms in search of intimacy and warmth.

In each bathroom they played with different shades of ceramic, but always using the same design. “Ceramic is very versatile, it has a multitude of formats, colors, applications…, and we looked for the sincerity of the materials.” For this reason, the owners together with the architects selected some pieces with an expressive language of the ceramic material. And this is where the Decocer pieces come in, the traditional and authentic ceramics with a handcrafted component, which is typical of the material.

The main bathroom seeks this continuity of materials mixing neutral tones in relation to the dressing room and the bedroom. Unlike the rest of the house, the guest bathroom has a more daring burgundy design.

The children’s bathrooms smell of freshness, and it is because they themselves selected the ceramics with their favorite color, blue and mauve, making them part of the design of the house they will enjoy.

The house breathes simplicity in all its rooms. To achieve it there is a great work behind of purification, of unity. Functionality has been sought and once achieved, the goal has been to reflect the soul of it. All the elements of the house breathe the same style, everything has the same line.

The outdoor spaces have been treated as another part of the house getting a direct indoor-outdoor relationship so important in the day to day and in the Mediterranean culture. For this purpose, covered or semi-covered terraces are used to create the transition between indoors and outdoors, and the use of large windows.


About Decocer

Decocer stands out for the design and manufacture of small-size ceramics, developed to meet the specific needs of manufacturers, large distributors, architects and interior designers around the world. The ceramic firm’s objective is to “offer customize tiles to its customers instead of looking for customers for its tiles”. Thus, it is recognized as a strategic partner that works closely with its customers, customizing and manufacturing pieces à la carte and exclusively for them. It has a wide variety of sizes, geometries and finishes, which position it as an international benchmark.

The investment in advanced technology in all its manufacturing processes is a constant improvement of Decocer. Over the years, it has made several investments to modernize and expand its production capacity, automate and digitalize processes, and improve operational and energy efficiency. With Spanish capital, it has a solid track record of more than 35 years, which throughout its history has evolved from traditional techniques to become a modern and innovative industry. Its experience in the ceramic art is harmoniously combined with the most avant-garde and contemporary proposals of today. With a presence in international markets, approximately three-quarters of Decocer’s sales are worldwide. Its main markets include the United States, the United Kingdom, Italy, Belgium, Germany, the Netherlands, Canada, Australia and Spain.