Madrid Home Renovation Stuns with Geometric L-Shaped Tiles by WOW Design

The cosmopolitan district of Chueca is Madrid’s epicentre of design and tolerance, as well as one of the liveliest areas of the Spanish capital with its alternative air and wealth of coffee shops, eco-galleries and traditional markets. One of the streets in this vibrant quarter is the location for the outstanding renovation of a home featuring a bold, eye-catching red ceramic tile flooring by WOW Design.

The designers at Equipo Nimú, responsible for this renovation project, wanted the transformation of this home to reflect the district’s liveliness and intensity through their choice of red ceramic floor tiles from this signature ceramic tile company.

The home is situated in a traditional building with its characteristic high ceilings and original tall windows. The objective was to blend traditional aesthetics with an exciting contemporary twist through the use of new materials and designer items.

The proposal included the redistribution of the space, combining the kitchen, dining and living areas, where the owners spent the majority of their time, connected by the light and continuous flooring featuring ceramic tiles by WOW Design.

In order to create an open-plan space, the guest toilet situated in the hall was eliminated, and all the gaps that connected the kitchen with the living room were opened up in order to allow the light to flow through. The wooden beams were left visible, adding a greater sense of warmth to the entire space.

Ceramic tiles, the best thermally conductive material for underfloor heating systems

The home already had an underfloor heating system before the renovation, and therefore the choice of ceramic tiles was the best option as the high density of this material makes it extremely thermally conductive.

As the project authors explain, “our inspiration for the entire project and the reason for many of our later decisions was the choice of a floor covering with a strong character in various shades of red by WOW design. A bold choice that definitely turned out well”.  

The sense of character forged by the red ceramic tiles influenced the other aesthetic decisions surrounding this project, such as the use of panelling in the kitchen, also in red. Both elements form a perfect match, despite being a somewhat daring choice for the project as a whole.

The Elle Floor collection, L-shaped tiles for amazing compositions

Another striking feature of the red ceramic tiles used in this renovation project is their L-shape, which allows for very special geometric combinations, creating a dynamic sense of movement to the space.

The Elle Floor collection of porcelain tiles has two specific features: its striking geometric L shape and the range of colours. Regarding the shape, Elle traces an L in an 18.5×18.5 cm format. This geometry allows the tiles to be laid in multiple combinations and patterns. For the designers, this L shape and the myriad possible patterns and designs proved vital in their decision to use this product.

Elle Floor comes in a range of colours: coral, teal, plum and green, as well as graphite and white that coexist with the classic wood and concrete. Each colour can be combined with tiles in tone variations in order to add to the sense of movement and vibrancy.


About WOW Design
WOW is a specialist in the design and development of bespoke one-of-a-kind signature tiles, tailored to meet individual projects and the needs of architects and interior designers. This makes the studio unique throughout the world. With its 20 years’ experience in tiles for material specifiers, WOW is present in 76 countries worldwide. It currently has a turnover of almost 53 million euros, with yearly rises in its annual turnover of about 40%, and a stable workforce of 300 people from the local community. Its main target markets are the USA and European Union countries. Its goal is to continue expanding, mainly in these two markets via material specifiers through the design of small-format tiles with a high added value.

About Equipo Nimú
Margarita Antes and Fayette Proper make up Equipo Nimú, a small Madrid-based studio dedicated and open to design. The authors’ objective is to live their projects to the full, seeking solutions that will create unique spaces. Their work philosophy is based on intense personalisation and close collaboration with their clients.