Architectural Products CEU Webinar Solutions Makes It Easy for Manufacturers to Reach Architects Seeking CEU Credits

PALATINE, IL – Continuing Education webinars offer the ultimate in convenience for busy design professionals who don’t have the time to travel to expensive on-site classes. Architectural Products has launched a new two-tiered, full-service Webinar Solutions Services for manufacturers to take their product knowledge and thought leadership efforts and transform those priorities into learning units to reach these architects, interior designers and other professionals.

“Our solutions for manufacturers are truly unique because we provide every service needed to conduct successful webinars, including marketing, presentation, dissemination hosting and follow-up,” says Tim Shea, Managing Partner and Co-Owner of Construction Business Media, LLC. “Architectural Products is proud to continue its decades-long partnership with Interline to offer these comprehensive services.”

Interline Creative Group, Inc., a full-service marketing agency located in Palatine, IL., was selected by Architectural Products as the company providing the platform for the initial live webinars. Together, Architectural Products and Interline have made it easy to get in front of architects with services that take a manufacturer through the CEU presentation process from CEU concept to presenting to everything in between, including their unique feature of posting the webinar content directly on the manufacturer’s website.

“Partnering with Architectural Products brings the best of both worlds to a manufacturer, providing extensive experience delivering continuing education programs and that can lead you before, during, and after the event,” explains Jim Nowakowski, president of Interline. Nowakowski, a frequent presenter of both online and live webinars to architects, saw this as a huge opportunity for manufacturers in an increasingly demanding learning environment. “There is a lot of work leading up to the event and just as much after. We give the full support needed without actually having to hire a CEU department.”

Through its AIA/CES-approved webinar platform (TCA), Architectural Products has provided the design and construction industries with educational content for over ten years. Architectural Products’ new Webinar Solutions Services allow manufacturers to plan, market, schedule and execute CEUs in one place as both live events and on-demand CEUs.

Architectural Products in collaboration with Interline uses a two-tiered process by which a manufacturer’s live webinar is recorded and converted to video format for on-demand viewing and lead generation. Tier #1 includes the presentation of the live webinar through the Interline’s platform and all supporting work including scheduling, invitations, rehearsal, databasing of attendees, certificate and AIA/CES credit forwarding. Tier #2 is focused on providing the learning content that was recorded through the conversion of the webinar to an on-demand video and hosting on Webinar hosting through TCA with its 44,000 registered users helps extend the life of the webinar and creates exposure to a wider audience.

“Most important, Apple link technology allows us to post that content not only on the manufacturer’s website, but on the websites of their dealers, distributors and sales agents,” Shea explains. “CEU content provides a high level of website ‘stickiness;’ our CEU customers love being able to offer this content on their own sites rather than having it hosted somewhere else.”

Architectural Products’ Webinar Solutions Services include, but are not limited to:

–          Overall webinar management and hosting.

–          Webinar invitation/registration and reminders.

–          E-mail distribution to Architectural Products file and client customer file.

–          Flexible scheduling – client selects the time/date.

–          Moderation during the event with Q/A if needed.

–          One practice session the week prior to event.

–          Comprehensive report on attendance, engagement and other key metrics.

–          CEU Certificates, if required.

–          Automatic forwarding of attendance to AIA/CES for AIA members.

–          Preservation of Webinar – conversion to video and hosting on

–          ALL TCA programs include InSiteTM. InSiteTM is a proprietary, patent-pending technology allowing sponsor programs to be broadcast – from registration to testing to certificate printing – from any website.

–          Video VaultInstructional or informative branded video assets (up to 20 min.) can be indexed and stored on TCA’s site.

–          Additional content creation and professional presentation services are available for a fee.

For more information the comprehensive webinar services, contact Patty Fleider, Independent Sales Rep at [email protected] 847-358-4848. For more information about Architectural Products and its other products for manufacturers, please contact Tim Shea at 847-359-6493 or [email protected].

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