Bendheim Announces New Engineered Glass Parking Facade System

Patent-Pending Glass Cladding System is Flexible, Customizable and Allows Maximum Light and Ventilation

NEW YORK, NY – Bendheim announces its first-ever exterior glass cladding system designed and engineered specifically for parking facade applications. The system is flexible and fully customizable to allow maximum natural light and ventilation, combined with virtually unlimited glass aesthetic options.

Bendheim’s patent-pending parking facade system is unique in its use of smartly engineered, field-adjustable mechanical fittings to install monumental decorative glass skins. It securely attaches glass panels 30 square feet or larger, weighing upwards of 300 pounds each. Panels are hung independently, speeding installation and ensuring easy and efficient long-term maintenance.

Bendheim’s Wall-PF1 parking facade system features generous built-in tolerances – up to 2 inches  in all directions – to compensate for the typical unevenness in floor slabs and walls. The significant up-and-down, in-and-out, left-and-right adjustability also allows facade fabrication to begin from the architectural drawings rather than precise field measurements, benefiting fast-track construction schedules.

Glass options are virtually limitless – from monolithic tempered pattern glass to digitally printed laminated glass – and are fully customizable to meet the project’s design objective, as well as impart a unique identity to the parking structure. As an added benefit, most of these decorative glass options are also bird-friendly, ideal for parking facilities located near green spaces or in the path of migratory birds.

The Bendheim system’s first real-world application was the new 727 West Madison / 1 South Halstead parking structure in Chicago by FitzGerald Associates Architects, installed by Reflection Window + Wall (pictured here). The objective was to design a jewel-like parking facade on a strict budget. It features two distinct wall aesthetics – a flusher panel layout with pattern-fritted glass on the west facade, and a more open, staggered panel layout with translucent white glass on the north and south facades. A free case study outlining the design details and execution is available here.

The ventilated Bendheim parking facade system recently became Architectural Record’s Best Building Envelope Product of 2019. It impressed the independent jury of architects and designers with its ability to beautify parking structures, as well as its innovative design, eliminating the need for cumbersome holes through the glass.

Bendheim’s technical design team is available to assist building and design professionals with system specification, customization, design and engineering, and detail drawings. For more information, please visit


About Bendheim
Bendheim is one of the world’s foremost resources for specialty architectural glass. Founded in New York City in 1927, the fourth-generation, family-owned company offers a virtually unlimited range of customizable glass solutions for interior and exterior building applications. Bendheim develops, fabricates, and distributes its products worldwide. The company maintains production facilities in New Jersey and a design lab in New York City. For additional information, please visit