Modular Lighting Instruments Introduces Smart 1.9 in North America

Smart 1.9 expands miniaturization collection with the release of three new minimalist designs

Pittsburgh, PA — Belgian lighting manufacturer Modular Lighting Instruments is excited to announce the official release of Smart 1.9 in North America, as the newest offering within its Smart family. Measuring just 1.9 inches in diameter with an aperture of less than 1.5 inches, this collection of petite downlights can deliver up to 311 lumens per each compact fixture, and are available in color temperatures of 2700K, 3000K, and 3500K. With small-scale modern appeal, Smart 1.9 can be combined with a square or rectangular finishing plate to form a recessed luminaire with Smart Mask. Both fixtures and masks are available in black, white, and gold finishes.

Suitable for high-end residential, hospitality, retail, and commercial interiors, the luminaire can be specified as 1L with a single fixture, or 2L with two fixtures within a single housing. The 2L version gives users the option for a more flexible, and possibly cost-effective fixture that can be used for accent lighting and within a variety of lighting schemes Smart 1.9 comes in three distinct flange designs including Smart Cake, Smart Kup, and Smart Lotis:

Smart Cake: Notable for its gently sloping sides, this trim ensures a soft distribution of light.
Smart Kup: Distinctive for its fine, protruding circular shape that makes it ideal for seamless integration into the finished ceiling or within millwork structure.
Smart Lotis: Features a deeply recessed cone to create a versatile spotlight effect. Smart Lotis also comes in an asymmetrical option (Smart Lotis Asy), with an adjustable flange that can be applied for wall washing at a 28-degree angle.

Smart 1.9 also offers a selection of three diffusers: frosted, solite, and clear glass. Differing from the standard clear glass, frosted glass softens light beam, while solite glass delivers light with better control without glare. All lens options provide protection in more demanding environments. The versatile luminaire can also  be specified in damp and wet environments.

With distinct offerings outlined in each design, Smart 1.9 has the ability to create a near-infinite amount of lighting expressions when grouped together. The use of Smart 1.9 is ideal for intimate areas such as powder rooms or interior staircases for orientation. The Smart Lotis Asy 1.9 serves as a wall washer while Smart 1.9 provides soft distribution of light, ultimately giving a creative and lively feeling to the space. Smart 1.9 can also be grouped with other larger members of the Smart family for dynamic ceiling configurations. Smart 1.9 also seamlessly coordinates with various Modular Lighting Instruments collections outside of the Smart family, including innovative magnetic track system, Pista, which launched early December.

About Modular Lighting Instruments:
Founded in Belgium in 1980, Modular Lighting Instruments is an award-winning manufacturer of high-end architectural lighting solutions for the residential, commercial, institutional, and hospitality markets. Offering a wide selection of surface, recessed, suspension, and track lighting, Modular Lighting Instruments’ fixtures are world-renowned for unparalleled innovation, creativity, and technology. In addition to its headquarters in Belgium, the brand has showrooms and sales outlets in more than 80 countries across the globe. For additional information or to find the nearest dealer, please visit: