Society Limonta’s Powerful SoHo Statement

Society Limonta, the luxury Italian home textiles brand, has opened its new flagship store in New York, creating a destination within the SoHo neighborhood for high-end, contemporary home textiles with a refined, design-forward sensibility.

Following a recent opening in London, Society Limonta’s US store will make its mark in a chic loft space on at 78 Grand Street. The new shop will showcase Society’s sought-after linens, in addition to a curated range of ceramics, accessories, and other design-forward pieces to make the home come alive.

Located on street level, the 2,000 square foot space honors the building’s original architecture with exposed brickwork, tall ceilings, and a large skylight that fills the interiors with natural light. The concept conveys an innovative vision more akin to a lived-in designer home than a standard store. By displaying the collections in their natural settings — dining table, bedroom, bathroom, and other vignettes — the New York flagship store lets clients truly experience what a Society room feels like when furnished with the brands ultra-luxe fabrics and refined home accents.

The project’s design was conceived by Beatrice Rossetti, who emphasized the space’s fine architectural details, floors, and walls with shades of teal and brick. The use of curtains and the presence of a lounge area make the space a customer-centric location offering a multitude of opportunities for visitors to enjoy the pleasant atmosphere and experience the Society lifestyle for themselves.

The New York store’s layout, with products and fabrics on display, lets customers dive into the quality of the bedding, table, bathroom, accessory, and home-wear collections. This textile journey is in line with the Society Limonta philosophy, whose mission is to revolutionize the concept of home linens by transforming them into luxury fashion for the home.

THE BRAND. Society Limonta is the Italian brand that creates high-end, contemporary home textiles with a refined, design-forward sensibility. The company was launched in 2000 as part of the Costa Masnaga-based Limonta Group, a historic textile firm founded at the end of the 19th century and still a staple for textile innovation in couture fashion and interior industries. The company dresses homes with natural refined materials and unconventional luxury that is always understated yet substantial, casual, and soft.

Editor's Note:

Congratulations to Society Limonta! This Italian brand revolutionising household linen was created in 2000 and is part of the Limonta Group, a historic textile company based in Costa Masnaga (in northern Italy) and founded at the end of the 19th century that is still a benchmark for textile innovation in the clothing and furnishing sectors. Society Limonta dresses up ahome with passion and care, creating infinite combinations of materials and colours for the bedroom, the dining table and the bathroom. Just like in the world of fashion, collections are updated with the change in seasons, because the home is an extension of the individual’s personality and requires a versatile style that adapts to the ideal environment. As all things “luxury,” sometimes the brand itself defies definition. Our blog — “What Does Luxury Really Mean in Design” — discusses the word and its implications. Society Limonta brand exemplifies luxury, as noted in their philosophy: “the desire to find ever-changing ways of interpreting the material manifests through the selection of complex and refined processes such as garment dyeing, which makes every creation unique.” For more information on luxury, simply search our website “luxury.” Thank you.