Vinotemp Adds 30-Inch Gas Range to New Line of Brama Appliances

As the latest offering in Vinotemp’s Brama appliance line, the new Brama 30-Inch Freestanding Gas Range is a durable, powerful and versatile solution for small kitchens.

The new Brama 30 - Inch Freestanding Gas Range by Vinotemp features a professional-grade cooktop with blue light indicators.
The new Brama 30 – Inch Freestanding Gas Range by Vinotemp features a professional-grade cooktop with blue light indicators.

Henderson, Nevada – Vinotemp®, the leading wine storage solutions and appliance provider, today announced the launch of the Brama 30-Inch Freestanding Gas Range. The second addition to Vinotemp’s new appliance line, Brama by Vinotemp, the new commercial-style range is designed to deliver power and versatility to any small kitchen.

“This launch is exciting for Vinotemp on a number of levels,” states India Hynes, Vinotemp CEO. “As the second offering in our new appliance line, we’re proud to offer this range because its features and performance represent the strength and function the ‘Brama’ name implies. And, as the first appliance to launch from our new Nevada headquarters, the new range symbolizes the growth of both our new kitchen appliance line and of Vinotemp as a brand.”

Durable, versatile and ideal for small kitchens, the Brama 30-Inch Freestanding Gas Range also includes:

  • Powerful, professional-grade cooktop.

A dual burner, four sealed high-performance burners (one with18,000 Btu, one with 15,000 Btu and two with 12,000 Btu), easy-to-clean continuous grates, and large control knobs – with blue light indicators that activate when the knob/burner is in use – power the functional, adaptable cooktop.

  • Numerous convection modes.

A variety of convection modes including baking, roasting, dehydrating, and defrosting ensure the oven easily acclimatizes from every day needs to the demands of entertaining.

  • Durable, user-friendly features.

Built to last, the range’s body, top, legs and sleek pole handle are all stainless steel while the porcelain oven features adjustable shelving and a tinted glass window. The range also comes with a stainless-steel drip pan, making broiling or convection roasting simple.

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