Wilsonart New Quartz and Solid Surface Collections Reveal Fresh Designs Inspired by Nature

TEMPLE, TX – The growth in Quartz and Solid Surface for commercial and residential applications clearly comes as the result of the materials’ beauty and ability to perform in high-traffic interiors. The stain-resistant, non-porous, and food-safe surfaces provide mission-critical interiors with durable finishes that also exhibit upscale aesthetics. “Our new Quartz and Solid Surface Collections come with Wilsonart’s best-in-class service and delivery,” noted Andrew Korzen, Global Vice President Product Management, Engineered Solid Surfaces for Wilsonart. “Combine that with state-of-the art technology and on-trend design, Wilsonart continues to differentiate our product offering and deliver what the market needs today.”

The Quartz Collection
Wilsonart’s newly imagined Quartz designs offer a canvas within spaces to expand on your own individual story, while celebrating the serenity of local landscapes. Six new Quartz designs express textures, colors and patterns inspired by the earth’s ancient mineral compositions, elevating quartz surfaces to nature-inspired works of art.

“Whether in the workplace or in the home, increased stressors and over stimulation have led us to

seek wellness solutions,” said Natalia Smith, Product Design Manager at Wilsonart. “The beauty of the wellness trend is that it transcends all segments. Wellness has proliferated in several flexible and multi-functional spaces where we can work, read or relax. Not surprisingly, nature is often the key inspiration of these spaces.”

The beautiful neutrals range from white to dark and moody giving you the ability to create a unique space whether its calming serenity or bold drama, while paying homage to the merits of Mother Nature’s best work. For instance, the particulates in the pattern called Grayton Beach resemble white sand from the eponymous Florida State Park while Enchanted Rock is named for a natural feature in Texas Hill Country, and Upper Wolfjaw reflects the subtle neutral tone-on-tone found in the Adirondacks.

The nature of the up to 93%-natural stone surfaces and their integral textures tease the eye and tickle the brain’s desire to explore their true depth and intricacies. The magnitude of the new Quartz collection serves as interior bookends to everyday rituals with the same sense of well being experienced when immersed in nature.


Winter’s Veil – A cool, white, small-scale design with varying sizes of particulate and an occasional mirror chip.

Arktos – A white stone design that mixes a warm and cool soft veining background with a neutral white vein foreground.

Upper Wolfjaw – A subtle tone on tone design with grey veining and resin pools.

Grayton Beach – A striking grey background with a bright white vein with small clear particulate throughout, giving the design a sense of depth and movement.

Quarry Cliff – Atonal grey background with white veining. The veining has intermittent quartz particulates throughout.

Enchanted Rock – A warm charcoal base with white veining in a fractured pattern.

The Solid Surface Collection
“From serene to statement, Wilsonart’s new Solid Surface Collection gives a sense of the fresh yet familiar,” noted Natalia Smith, Product Design Manager at Wilsonart. “The beautiful neutrals offer a calming and soothing effect, while the movement designs draw on the dynamic energy of nature.”

Wilsonart new Quartz designs express textures, colors and patterns inspired by the earth’s ancient mineral compositions.
Wilsonart Solid Surface, Golden Sail Double Vanity

Ten neutral tones offer calming canvases that provide respite from the over stimulation of modern life, allowing for peaceful immersion in all daily rituals surrounded by water. Although neutral, the Solid Surface tones are designed and constructed with a sense of dynamic depth that beckons the viewer to engage visually with the material and look just a little closer. The compelling patterns also feature the distinct ability to harmoniously combine cool and soft tones that effortlessly compliment a broad range of interior styles and colors.

Five translucent designs – Grey Moonstone, Golden Sail, Gulfcoast, Powder White and Whisper White may be backlit for dramatic effect, emitting an intriguing glow for an accent surface, focal point; or even an understated and engaging method of wayfinding.

Grey Moonstone – A translucent light grey design with visual depth and small white particulate.

Powder White – A soft translucent white design with small white and fine black particulate.

Peace Grey – A cool grey base with small to medium clear and white particulate throughout.

Beachfront – A warm taupe with inclusions of small black and brown particulate.

Golden Sail – A white background with warm grey movement and sparkles throughout.

Classic Travertine – Alight and darker taupe accents, and medium clear particulates in grey, white and brown, with a fine black particulate throughout.

Beige Travertine – A beige movement design with fine black particulate and warm and cool veining.

Whisper White – A white movement design with grey veining and sparkles throughout.

Iron Falls – A light taupe design with brown and cream movement and clear particulates.

Gulfcoast – A translucent large movement design made of warm soft tones.


Wilsonart’s Solid Surface Sinks are designed to coordinate with Wilsonart® Solid Surface. Four new sinks and 15 re-designed sink models include a variety of shapes, sizes and universal designs from large farmhouse, rectangular and baby bath bowls specifically designed for healthcare. Sinks are cast-molded acrylic formulations that provide an integral fit to Solid Surface slabs; together, they create a visually monolithic sink and surface combination. The collection includes ADA compliant options.

The aesthetic sink assemblies resist heat, stains, bacteria, scratches and thermal shock, making them ideal for interior installations.

Smooth, sinuous design and seamless construction allows for mission-critical interiors to be easily maintained and remain fresh looking between cleanings. Wilsonart® Solid Surface Sinks may be maintained without the use of harsh chemical cleansers, creating a healthy indoor air quality.

All Wilsonart® Hard Surfaces are GREENGUARD Gold certified for low chemical emissions. Readily available now from kitchen and bath retailers and distributors nationwide.


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