All About Disruption: Equity Firm Acquires Machining and Fabrication Company for Growth Potential

Sixeight, a Knoxville-based growth equity firm specializing in privately-owned, legacy businesses, announced its acquisition of US Machine & Tool. US Machine & Tool provides a wide selection of services such as CNC milling and lathe work, wire EDM, surface and OD grinding, and CMM high precision inspections. They also build production jigs, fixtures, and tooling for other manufacturers.

David Gooch, Co-founder and COO of Sixeight said, “We are extremely excited about the opportunity for growth and regional impact with USM&T. We acquired a stellar team of machinists and support staff and are excited to grow the business with them while serving our clients.” Gooch is a former partner in the world’s largest independent insurance & consulting brokerage firm with 10+ years as a producer of strategic business growth and strategic advisor in healthcare and insurance sectors.

Sixeight acquired US Machine & Tool due to its potential for high growth in revenue and profit, its strategic placement in the region, and its potential to disrupt their industry. As companies in the United States begin to re-shore their manufacturing, Sixeight sees an opportunity among manufacturers to deliver precision manufacturing with quality, speed, and cost in an all-inclusive value proposition. Through capital investments, debt restructures, or mergers and acquisitions, Sixeight ensures that the businesses they invest in will continue to thrive as an essential part of their community’s ecosystem.

Sixeight is a growth equity firm that finds, invests in, and transforms regional businesses into high-impact enterprises in the greater Knoxville, Nashville, and Chattanooga, TN metropolitan areas. Sixeight believes in the transformation of people, communities, and businesses. Sixeight identifies companies with high growth potential and provides the talent, experience, and financing necessary to catalyze that potential into growth.