What Are You Doing in Orlando in 2018 KBIS® Show?

Many will be attending the VOICES FROM THE INDUSTRY CONFERENCE session by Jim Nowakowski, and here’s why you should too!

The 2018 Voices from the Industry conference brings together industry-leading presenters who share their knowledge and expertise in many following areas. Jim Nowakowski has been honored to once again be invited to present to attendees at this year’s show.

“I’m looking forward to another great session,” Jim says, “because the audience is terrific! I’ve been invited back many times and each time is an enriching experience for me personally because I get to share our knowledge with eager designers, showroom consultants, manufacturer reps who want to grow their business. This year’s topic – social media – is going to be great!”

Making More Sense of Social Media

Tuesday, January 09, 10:30 AM – 11:30 AM


Architects and Designers have said about this course:

“I found the “Making Sense of Social Media” webinar to be very enlightening if anything else. I know a lot about social media, but this webinar gave me some ideas on how to improve what I am already currently doing.”

“The most valuable thing that I learned from this seminar was to create a brand through defining the value of your company and to be consistent. In truth, I was amazed by how much I learned. Now I have to put it into action!”

“I’ve just finished typing up my notes from your webinar,”Making Sense of Social Media”. Thank you for presenting such a well-organized and clear presentation. It was an excellent starting point for me, coming at the right time, as I try to demystify, evaluate and keep pace with my social media efforts. Thanks so much!”


About this course:

The question is not “Should I use social media?” but “What should I do and where?”

Social media plays an integral role in the design community; it can be daunting, however, for those who are accustomed to more traditional means of communicating with peers, customers and the industry at large. This session is for interior designers, showroom consultants, architects and other design professionals who are either new to social media and need a strategy for getting started or for those who need to jumpstart efforts that have not gotten off the ground.

Jim has been a business strategist, speaker, and author since starting his company in 1990. His business experience, along with his dynamic presentation style, is a key reason why companies utilize his firm for marketing and marketing communications. Jim presents business ideas in a variety of formats.

In this session, which will keep to the spirit of social networking by encouraging audience interaction, Nowakowski will lead a discussion on what to consider when planning a social media strategy, how to build community and develop “I’ll scratch your back if you scratch mine”& relationships, and more. Nowakowski will also cover why it’s important to be authentic and how to share sales and marketing messages without turning off “followers” and “fans.”

Which social media platform is best suited for your business? This session will help you answer this question, whether it’s best to go with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and/or other sites to post content/ideas/questions depends on your strategy and who you are.

What do you want to achieve? Making Sense of Social Media will help you answer this question, including do you want to: Network with other professionals? Find new business? Keep in touch with established clients? Learn about new products and designs?

What will it take to reach your social media goals? Join Jim at KBIS as he stimulates his audience to look at social media in a whole new light.

Register for the session at KBIS® here: https://kbis.a2zinc.net/KBIS2018/Public/Sessions.aspx?Keyword=nowakowski

To take a peek at the session, go here: http://interlinegroup.com/media/making-more-sense-of-social-media/