TAKE ONE: Notting Hill Decorative Hardware

Our latest Take One! “Live Broadcast Series” showcases Notting Hill Decorative Hardware. In this information-packed, half hour presentation, you’ll take a audio and visual tour of this outstanding manufacturer of luxury decorative hardware. Hear directly from Kathy Dustman herself about how she started and developed over 200 unique designs and has positioned her company among the leading luxury hardware brands in the country. Listen up and enjoy!

AFTER HOURS with Kathy Dustman

This “bonus” feature takes you behind the scenes of the Take One! “Live Broadcast Series presentation and brings a deeper understanding of Kathy Dustman’s work in luxury hardware. Spend 15 minutes “after hours” and listen and see Kathy’s frank answers to questions like what really differentiates her work, what the “art vibe” means, why people “take Kathy’s hardware with them” when they move, and some great tips for designers using her work. Tune in and enjoy now!