Northern Contours Introduces Eco-Friendly Clear Coat UV Finishing

St. Paul, MN – Showing off the natural beauty of real wood veneer is now easier than ever with Clear Coat UV finishing from Northern Contours. UV-cured finishing is one of the most efficient and environmentally friendly processes in use today, resulting in significant reduction or complete elimination of VOCs (volatile organic compounds). UV-cured coatings consist of two main parts: a catalyst that initiates the curing process when exposed to ultraviolet light, and resins that cure very hard and are solvent and scratch resistant. Northern Contours has invested in this cutting-edge technology to help you deliver in-demand, ready to install wood veneer doors, accessories, and surfacing materials.

Details on Clear Coat UV Finishing from Northern Contours:

  • UV-cured clear coat finish at a 20-degree sheen level.
  • Available for all Standard, Exotic & Reconstituted wood veneer species
  • Available for all Spectrum slab profiles, new! floating shelves, CTS panels, PSA, overlays, frame doors, and decorative moulding.
  • 36″ max for one dimension (width or length), second dimension up to 96″.
  • Additional 15-day lead time for finished product.