Warmboard Introduces Innovative Radiant Heat Solution — Warmboard Comfort System

First-ever Integrated System from a Single Supplier

Monterey Bay, CAWarmboard, Inc., the leading provider of energy-efficient, radiant heating technology, today announced the launch of the Warmboard Comfort System (WCS), a modern and never before seen innovation in the HVAC market. This new offering bundles all the necessary engineering, equipment and support needed for a complete, modern, ultra-accurate radiant floor heating system that can quickly and efficiently be installed by any general contractor or journeyman plumber.

The newly designed WCS includes Warmsource, a pre-commissioned boiler with all mechanical components integrated into one, stand-alone unit. The WCS also includes Warmboard panels, branded tubing and manifolds, manifold controllers, Warmboard thermostats, Smart Reset Controller, and custom, detailed plumbing and electrical drawings. These elements create a totally integrated system that communicates wirelessly through its own secure, pre-configured internal network. The WCS can support up to 15 heating zones and 2 cooling zones per system, while multiple systems can be combined to achieve comfort in any size home.

Most heating systems operate within a 3˚ temperature range. Because the temperature sensor in the WCS thermostats are accurate to a hundredth of a degree, the precise data from this sensor makes far more accurate control possible. Warmboard’s proprietary algorithm uses that very precise zone by zone data not only to control each zone’s temperature within a 1˚ range, it also allows WCS to have the fast response required to make nighttime setback and vacation setback work in a way never before possible with any other radiant system. That same control strategy also ensures maximum efficiency which results in lowered heating bills.

Terry Alsberg, CEO of Warmboard, Inc. explains, “In many ways, the radiant heat industry has been its own worst enemy when it comes to high premiums and complex product installations. As a leader in this industry, it was important for Warmboard to propel the industry forward and change the way we all do business, hence the innovation behind the Warmboard Comfort System which features Warmsource. Homeowners, contractors and architects will no longer need to deal with multiple vendors specialized trades to integrate radiant heat into their projects.”

Mr. Alsberg continues, “Nobody loves their forced air heating system, it’s tolerable and people just live with it. Our goal with the Warmboard Comfort System is to make radiant heat attainable to a larger consumer audience so more people can experience living with the unrivaled comfort it provides and say with certainty that they love their heating system. Radiant heat is an extremely energy-efficient heating solution that can reduce energy costs by 30% for the typical installation.”

Warmboard’s engineering department individually tailors each WCS project from the submitted architectural plans and customer feedback. Detailed, custom construction documents are then produced which will ensure accurate bidding along with faster, easier and therefore, lower cost installation. All system components are sized and specified by Warmboard engineers, then shipped freight free, direct to the jobsite in phases that match the project’s construction timelines. These preconfigured, precommissioned, plug and play systems eliminate the need for specialized tradespeople thereby dramatically bending the labor cost curve downward towards greater affordability.

The WCS’s energy-efficient design allows consumers to heat their homes using lower water temperatures, and less energy, ultimately saving consumers money every month. The advanced zoning capabilities of the system allow consumers to heat each room in their home as they see fit – eliminating the need to heat unoccupied areas in the home. And the simple pleasure of using nighttime setback to sleep peacefully through the night in a cool, quiet bedroom and wake up to a warm quiet one the next morning was not possible before the WCS, which stands alone as the only heating system that doesn’t ask consumers to compromise on anything.