4 Ways to Urge Clients to Buy ‘Off Line’

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Your customer can take your time, soaking up design ideas and product choices…and then skip past you and buy online. How do you encourage your customers to buy “off line” from you?

Here are a few points to stress to your prospects and clients:

  • You have superior design and product knowledge to help them select the right products, finishes and overall plans to complete the project to their satisfaction. Ask questions to find out what customers really want and how to make the most of their budget.
  • You have experience to lend throughout the project. During the design consultation, share some tidbits of your wisdom that online sites aren’t equipped to cover. But don’t give away all your good advice upfront. Hint to customers that they can count on more of your knowledge and experience as the project proceeds.
  • You are responsible for product problems. Emphasize how YOU will step in and solve project problems, such as what to do about a countertop that is damaged during installation or about a product that doesn’t fit, work as promised or show on time. An online source cannot show up at your door troubleshoot unwanted “surprises” or make on-the-fly adjustments.
  • You are committed to working with them from start to finish on their project. Outline all your service value-adds, including how you will draw up and change plans as needed, oversee sub-contractors and guarantee that the project meets their expectations.

Designers: What has worked for you? Share your ideas and help your peers keep clients from fleeing to the online world!

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