5 Reasons to Choose a Steam Shower from MrSteam

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A steam shower offers a huge variety of benefits, including improved wellness, beautiful skin, comprehensive relaxation, and stress relief. To reap these benefits in the comfort of your own home, you need to choose the right brand.

When it comes to finding the right brand, the essential markers of quality are experience, expertise, innovation, and empathy.

MrSteam has been leveraging steam to improve the American lifestyle for over 100 years. This award-winning brand knows exactly how to contribute to your success.

  1. We Know Steam 

We’ve been in the steam industry since 1917. Back then, we invented the first steam iron for garment factories. We managed to tame the steam and turn it into a hard-working element that powers a huge variety of products, including steam showers as we know them today.

The history of MrSteam is filled with innovation, growth, development, discoveries, and, of course, a strong focus on customer experience. Our original steam products were used in hospitals, operating rooms, Navy ships, and even the Kennedy Space Center.

Over the past 100+ years, we’ve leveraged our steam expertise with the latest technologies to turn steam into a powerful tool that helps you achieve multiple health and entertainment goals. Every day our clients discover new benefits of steam showers and enjoy positive lifestyle changes.

From Naval ships to your bedroom, steam is our specialty, focus, and soul. MrSteam employees work hard to improve our products to make sure they enhance your quality of life.

  1. We are Feel Good Inc.

We live and breathe steam, literally and metaphorically. MrSteam focuses on quality and excellence regardless of external factors that may be affecting the competition.

Since steam is in MrSteam’s DNA, it’s easy for us to incorporate it into the company culture and work hard to ensure continuous improvements. We want to share our desire for excellence with the rest of the world through our products.

Every team member who comes on board soaks in this effective company culture and ensures stellar contribution to MrSteam’s reputation.

Our motto is simple: We feel good when you feel good.

By keeping this in its heart, the MrSteam team juggles innovation, environmental friendliness, and quality to ensure 100% customer satisfaction.

Steam is here to make you feel good. MrSteam is here to make sure the steam does its job well.

  1. We are Always Innovating

In a world, where new technologies are appearing faster than you can say “ChatGPT,” MrSteam stays ahead of the competition by constantly innovating. We’ve patented a wide variety of products, including:

This dedication to innovation and quality brought MrSteam several important industry awards, such as:

  • NYCxDESIGN Award Bath Products Category – May 2017
  • Decorative Plumbing & Hardware Association, Accessory Product of the Year - 2016
  • Award for Design Excellence (ADEX), Platinum Winner – 2016

Our latest invention is iSteamX. This merger of Netflix and Steam is an advanced shower control system with a sleek design and impressive functionality. iStreamX allows you to watch movies, listen to podcasts, and enjoy the highest sound quality. While relaxing in the shower, you can reap multiple benefits of entertainment coupled with health improvements.

  1. We Provide 5-Star Customer Service

Our focus on customer experience doesn’t stop with product design, manufacturing, and innovation. It extends far beyond to ensure 5-star customer service for all of our clients. It includes:

  • Stellar responsiveness – we are always available to answer questions and solve problems throughout the customer’s lifecycle with the company
  • Fast and effective problem resolution – our team members dedicate themselves to solving issues as quickly as possible regardless of the project’s complexity.
  • Multi-channel support – just because we are more than 100 years old doesn’t mean we can’t tweet. MrSteam offers support across all channels that are convenient to our clients, including social media, website, phone, contact forms, emails, and many more.

We don’t just provide support to existing clients. Our team is always available to answer pre-sale questions to ensure a smooth journey toward the perfect steam shower experience in your home.

  1. We’re Run by Steam Experts

We pride ourselves on the collective experience and expertise of our diverse team members. Our steam specialists, spanning across various departments, are the backbone of our operations. They ensure quality, foster innovation, enhance productivity, and infuse an element of fun and excitement into our steam products.

Our team of consists of innovators, product developers, production experts, marketing professionals, to salespeople, some of whom have been living and breathing steam for more than four decades!

We Complement Modern Interior Design  

Besides providing health and relaxation benefits, steam showers can improve your interior design. We work with interior designers to focus on style, high-quality materials, and the latest trends to add a beautiful relaxation oasis to your home without hindering the existing design.

We’ve helped dozens of interior designers and clients transform their bathroom. For just a few examples, check out our Case Studies for clients and SteamStories for designers.


About MrSteam
Steam is in MrSteam’s DNA. With over 100 years of experience in steam manufacturing, MrSteam knows a thing or two about making the highest quality steam shower products. MrSteam is not just about the products it offers; it is about a mission we want to share with people around the world. One that reminds, empowers and enables us all to be healthy, live happy, and feel good. That’s why we always say, “we feel good when you feel good.”

Editor's Note:

Installing a steam shower is an important decision that requires consideration. While the cost of materials, installation, and electricity is higher than with a standard shower, and there are additional maintenance requirements, steam showers also offer some enticing benefits. These can include:

  • Health

Steam showers may have a positive effect well-being, due to their ability to improve circulation. There’s also no disputing that that the luxurious, relaxing experience they provide can be helpful on stressful days! To learn more about the health effects of steam, go here.

  • Elegance and luxury

Your bathroom will instantly become more “spa-like” with the addition of steam! Having a steam shower makes this luxurious experience a normal highlight of your day.

  • Better home resale value

Despite higher installation costs, steam showers add considerable value to your home. If you decide to put your house on the market, steam’s growing popularity will give your home an important amenity to leverage.

  • Water Savings

Steam is unquestionably an eco-friendly option! Using a steam shower over a traditional jetted shower might save over 150 gallons of water per 20-minute session! See MrSteam’s analysis of the water savings homeowners may achieve by swapping their regular shower for steam.

Have Further Questions?

If you have further questions on the ins-and-outs of steam showers or how to start your installation project, get in contact with MrSteam’s friendly and knowledgeable team today! They’ll help you build the dream shower you’ve been waiting for.

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