5 Top Designers Bring Wellness Design to the Forefront with MrSteam

In its 2023 Trend Outlook, the American Society of Interior Designers (ASID) confirmed that “wellness design” remains a top focus for the industry, even as we emerge from our pandemic-induced home cocoons. In fact, today’s interior designers are doing more than ever to imagine rejuvenating spaces – particularly when it comes to the bath – and are designing a wide range of wellness-oriented spaces with layouts, materials, and aesthetics that make coming home more enjoyable.

If you’re searching for inspiration to reach modern homeowners with bathroom designs that put the emphasis on wellness, consider the choices of five popular designers (arranged in no particular order).

Arianne Bellizaire specializes in creating spaces that capture in-depth lighting, natural and natural-looking materials, and wellness. Based in the Baton Rouge area, Arianne uses the art of conversation to make each room a perfect fit for her clients. Through interviews and visualization experiences, Arianne helps her clients explore all the possibilities of creating bright, low-maintenance, and wellness-oriented bathrooms.

Few features encapsulate her design principles more than a steam shower.

Whether clients are looking for a clarifying scent of eucalyptus through AromaTherapy, want the power of light for rejuvenation through ChromaTherapy, or relaxation through entertainment options ranging from your favorite playlist to streaming Netflix, Arianne completes her designs with aesthetically pleasing steam showers that capture clean, white colors. She prefers to include a wall-mounted, teak chair for comfortable steaming and options like metallic finishes to match the rest of the bathroom.

Michele Alfano designs bathrooms that reflect her signature Poetic Modernism® philosophy. While postmodernism focuses on randomness and fragmentation, Poetic Modernism® focuses on the interconnection of emotions and well-being to create holistic wellness.

Through this perspective, Michele creates spa-like atmospheres that connect to heart, body, and mind. This comes to life through layered lighting, carefully balanced temperatures, storage spaces that remove clutter, and steam showers that cleanse, relax, and de-stress.

Michele uses her technical expertise with fixtures and science to create spaces where every feature is arranged to promote harmony and health. Steam showers are prominent features in her bathroom designs because they represent many of the principles of Poetic Modernism®. For example, a MrSteam steam shower can include AromaTherapy fixtures from the shower itself or a nearby towel rack as well as lighting controls for ChromaTherapy and audio options for a fully immersive experience.

Marbé Briceno brings a luxurious staycation experience to homes across the US and overseas, capturing a perfect blend of comfort and serenity that whirlwind travel can’t accommodate. She creates spaces that turn homes into permanent ‘vacation houses’ with features like intricate detailing, artistic touches, and unique fixtures.

Marbé’s designs result peaceful, rejuvenating baths that prioritize wellness rather than functionality. A core principle of bringing this aesthetic to life is creating large, sweeping spaces, even in small rooms.

She does this with a Zen-like color palette, layouts that eliminate crowded nooks, and beautiful layers of lighting. Another core fixture that encapsulates a staycation experience in her designs is a steam shower from MrSteam. These showers can bring:

  • Elegant sophistication through minimalistic steam vents, metallic finishes, and multi-purpose digital controls that don’t create visual clutter
  • ChromaTherapy options that add energizing or relaxing color sequences
  • AromaTherapy scents for a multisensory relaxation experience

Sharon L Sherman, interior designer and trained reiki master, connects these two fields by creating bathroom designs that encourage the flow of energy by optimizing health and “Ki” (life energy).

Sharon uses natural color palettes, materials, and lighting to create relaxing, wellness-focused designs.

A core facet of her style is incorporating steam because of its long history of providing relaxation, stress reduction, and muscle rejuvenation. Combined with modern technology like digital controls and LED ChromaTherapy fixtures, Sharon’s clients are welcomed with customized lighting, AromaTherapy, and piping hot steam for every steam session.

Beth Dotolo and Carolina V. Gentry create vibrant interior designs for homes nationwide. Their adventurous designs are punctuated with statement pieces, custom flair, and personal touches that enliven every space.

The design duo creates bathrooms that evoke the sensation of being in a day spa through programmable lighting, modern features with unique lines and textures, and custom showers. MrSteam steam showers are crucial in many of their designs, especially because the Virtual Spa builder allows Beth, Carolina, and their clients to collaborate and create highly individualized spaces that aren’t like anyone else’s.

Elevate Your Wellness Design Aesthetic with Steam Showers from MrSteam

At MrSteam, we know steam. In fact, we’ve been in the steam business for over 100 years.

Our selection of materials, features, and SteamTherapies are built to put more design tools in your hands. Through our Virtual Spa builder and our gallery of steam shower possibilities, we can partner with designers to create unique, wellness-oriented spaces for any region or aesthetic. Explore how other top interior designers use MrSteam showers to build their designs by browsing through our collection of steam stories.


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Steam is in MrSteam’s DNA. With over 100 years of experience in steam manufacturing, MrSteam knows a thing or two about making the highest quality steam shower products. MrSteam is not just about the products it offers; it is about a mission we want to share with people around the world. One that reminds, empowers and enables us all to be healthy, live happy, and feel good. That’s why we always say, “we feel good when you feel good.”

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