Bathroom Bling!

A touch of bathroom bling need not be out of reach. Oh, sure. It can be. Take Beyonce’s baby shower, for instance. The mother-to-be received a Swarovski bathtub that goes for $7K. Really??

Swarovski lends its all-star-studded branding to other bathroom products. Although a bejeweled tissue box seems a little much for holding something that no one wants to hold after it’s been used (and yes, there is such a thing), there are other options.

Take the Swarovski Crystal Stripe sink from or the Webert Azeta faucet shown here. Crystals elegantly encircle the basin. On the faucet, a line of Swarovski crystals grace the handle, giving the faucet a more subtle take on luxury.

The tissue box, sink and faucet may be too much all together. Choosing one for a high-end bathroom design may do it. Yet if you’re inclined to spend $7K on a bathtub (for someone else, mind you), then perhaps selecting a Swarovski-themed design isn’t so outrageous after all.

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