How to Add a Layer of Luxury to a Kitchen

When it comes to a kitchen, designers know the finishing touches create a sophisticated space. A design needs to reflect personality and style which is where detailed work shows its true value. Focusing on the smaller elements allows impact with the smallest of changes.

The UK’s largest independent kitchen specialist Wren Kitchens, reveals their top-tips on where to emphasize to create a deceivingly expensive looking kitchen.

Wren Kitchens showroom development and design director Darren Watts says: “If you find that a budget allows for some luxurious extras, there are many elements that will truly elevate a kitchen to the next level. Looking at features that could be considered minor, such as your taps and cabinet handles, will really help to add personality and luxury to a space.”

  1. Luxury Fixtures

A way to elevate a kitchen is to fit luxurious fixtures and fittings. These include cupboard handles, taps, and even light switches. By investing the budget in brass hardware, kitchen fixtures are more durable and stylish. To add an eye-catching element to a kitchen, browse unique shapes and styles of taps and handles as a place to invest a budget.


  1. Elegant Light Fixtures

An easy way to make a kitchen feel more luxurious is to invest in light fixtures. If there is an island, sleek pendant lights always make a visual impact. It’s also a great opportunity to add a pop of color to a space or contrast lights and darks. If there is no island, LED integrated downlights allow a wider spread of light making the space brighter and roomier.


  1. Mix and Match Flooring

If you choose to invest in floors, they need to make a visual impact. Mix and match flooring is a great way to create a focal point within a space. Choosing a mixture of materials or colors makes a kitchen obviously customized and allows further individuality.



  1. Trending Tiles

High quality luxury tiles can really elevate a space and make it more personal. Intricate patterned mosaic style tiles are hugely popular right now. Choosing two contrasting colors and creating elaborate designs gives a kitchen vibrancy and attracts the eye.


  1. Non-Essential Appliances

If you have room in a budget, non-essential appliances can personalize a kitchen and give it a more opulent feel. If there’s a wine lover, why not add a wine cooler into a space? A high-end coffee machine that fits into a kitchens color palette is a great detail that looks sleek and integrated. Choose an appliance that you know will get regular use but perhaps never owned before. It’s all about ensuring a space is perfect for your client.


About Wren Kitchens
Wren Kitchens is Europe’s number one kitchen retail specialist and has supplied kitchens worth more than $1.31 bn (£1 bn) in the last two years alone. Launched in 2009, Wren Kitchens is a family business, and it manufactures its UK kitchens in its three manufacturing and assembling facilities. It has 101 showrooms and delivers fully built cabinets, with doors, drawers and wire work pre-installed and delivered by Wren’s award-winning fleet of trucks. In 2020, for the first time the business expanded internationally and opened its first showroom in Milford, Connecticut, which was crowned America’s biggest kitchen showroom at 31,464 sq. ft.

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