Make it Splash!

Mod circles from @Inhabitdesign Las Vegas

Yes, there’s a highly practical side of having a backsplash.

Of course, we love the highly decorative side, too.

For the practical crowd, the advantages include:

1) reduced water damage to the wall, and

2) easier cleaning after those spaghetti sauce splatter emergencies or toothpaste battles in the kids’ bath.

But let’s be sensible here. The real fun comes from the design: the colors, the texture, the opportunity to infuse real creativity and personal styling, either behind a single faucet or kitchen appliance or extended up the wall, across the counter or even throughout the room.

What’s your preference? Tile? Brick? Stone? Glass? Other?

Bottle cap fun via Travel Obsession
Pebble backsplash shown on @bhg
Tile murals from LMT
Colorful glass tile
Venetian glass tile

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