Smooth Sailing for Vessel Sinks

Vessels are still “in”–but count on more than just basic round glass these days.

Kingston Brass Courtyard Vitreous China Wash Basin

According to Kingston Brass, which exhibited at both KBIS and the National Hardware Show this spring, vessel sinks have continued to do well–much to its surprise. In the past eight years, the company says it  has sold a good proportion of vessel sinks relative to other sink styles in its line.

Although glass maintains its hold as a leading material, stone, copper and other materials are definitely catching up. Besides offering variety for every bath decor, I tend to think the slight decline in glass is based on mere practicality: Clear glass highlights every water stain, every fingerprint, every piece of goo that a family can track in from who-knows-where. But for those who assiduously clean their basins–and particularly those who don’t have the under-12 crowd in the house–be my guest.

Stone and vitreous china, on the other hand, are simply more forgiving in the dirt department. Copper and other metals, of course,  come with their own care caveats. Let the buyer beware.

JSG Oceana showed numerous vessel sinks at KBIS.
Native Trails’ Maestro Round sink made from recycled copper.













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