Social Media Cross-Pollination: How to Create Greater Buzz

Pinterest is not just about posting pretty pictures. In this case, it promotes a blog.

One question we’ve heard frequently from designers trying to get up to speed on social media is: Which social media platform is best for designers?

A) Twitter

B) Facebook

C) Pinterest

D) Houzz

E) All of the above

If you answered E, you’re right…and you’re wrong!

One way to maximize social media exposure is to cross-pollinate between platforms: Tweet what you Pin, Pin what you blog, blog what you show on Houzz, and so on.

The weekly Twitter/Pinterest event called #DesignPinThurs is a great example of the power of using multiple platforms. See Mark Johnson’s presentation on SlideShare (another successful social media site) for details on last week’s #DesignPinThurs at:

Mark Johnson (@MarkJohnsonFAIA) created a SlideShare presentation discussing the reach of a Pinterest/Twitter event: #DesignPinThurs.

So why are you also wrong if you answered E?

1)      A strategy that works for one designer or business may not be ideal for another.

2)      You could easily spread yourself too thin if you try them all at once.

3)      Focusing only on today’s social media sweethearts, e.g. Pinterest, may take your eye off up-and-coming platforms that could be critical to your business in the future.


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