3 Essential Kitchen Tips to Complete a Kitchen Remodel – Without the Wait

This blog was contributed by Verona Appliances.

“Everything is on backorder! How can I complete my kitchen renovation?” is probably a question many homeowners and designers are asking these days. Labor and material shortages, paired with an itch to renovate the most used space during lockdown — the kitchen — are coming to a head.

Home renovation spending is up 11% this year, but factories worldwide struggle to keep up with demand due to pandemic-related supply issues. As a result of supply chain disruptions, there are significant shortages in raw materials like stainless steel, plastic, microchips, and even shipping containers and many retailers cannot keep products in stock. A six- to eight-month backorder for product is now the norm. And, for the first time in about 30 years, appliance pricing is about to go up significantly.

Verona Appliances, a luxury manufacturer of Italian-made kitchen appliances, anticipated this shortage early in the pandemic and is happy to say they have products available for purchase. “We secured as much stock as possible for our U.S. warehouse and placed preemptive orders with factories to quickly get products in the hands of our preferred dealers and homeowners,” states Melissa Haber, Vice President of EuroChef USA, the exclusive importer of the Verona brand. “We are in an enviable position. Unfortunately, we are still running into some longer lead times on certain core models, but we are still ahead of the industry when it comes to turn-around time,” continues Haber.

Haber shares these tips for consumers who cannot wait weeks — or even months — to complete their projects.

  1. Be Flexible with the Size and Style of Product

Consumers who are flexible have a better shot of getting products in a quick timeframe. “We recently worked with a client that was desperate for a sold-out 30” gas range by subbing in a 30” gas cooktop and wall oven combination that fits in the same space, served the same purpose, and was in stock with no lead time,” says Haber. “Alternatively, we questioned the ability to be flexible on the type of fuel connection. If an all-gas range isn’t in stock, see if there is the capability to run a 220V connection for an all-electric or a dual fuel range– and vice versa. Induction cooking is also a great alternative to traditional electric if availability is better.”

Another consideration is to choose a neutral color like black or white, rather than stainless steel, which will pair just as well with existing appliances. This small trade-off means consumers can get cooking in their new kitchen that much sooner. “We’ve even experienced customers shaving a few inches off their planned countertop and cabinetry to fit a larger size cooktop or range just to have the product in time,” says Haber.

The bottom line, if you are flexible and even a little creative, you can get your hands on product without any sacrifice.

  1. Call the Manufacturer Directly to Check Inventory and Lead Times

“At Verona, we’ll take calls directly from consumers and help them locate product at their favorite e-tailer or local dealer,” says Haber. “We know what our inventory is across the country and when it will arrive from overseas. It’s important to communicate directly with vendors and partners who have the most current information and are willing to assist you in accurately planning your project lead times.”

  1. Be Flexible in Your Brand Choice

Don’t be tied to matching brands because that’s when consumers wind up waiting eight months for appliances because a matching fridge hasn’t arrived. Consider mixing brands – most stainless steel or even colored appliances will coordinate with each other, regardless of the manufacturer.

“Don’t insist on the brand your neighbor bought that doesn’t have product in stock – instead consider other brands that offer quality, performance, and availability,” says Haber. “Verona has been around for more than 20 years in the U.S. and more than 60 years in Europe. Customers willing to be flexible will probably end up paying less while still getting a feature-rich and equally reliable appliance at the end of the day. And, one that’s in stock when and where you need it,” concludes Haber.

Patience and communication are essential during these unusual times. If consumers are willing to be flexible and take the time to work with an appliance specialist, then it will be possible to make their dream kitchen a reality and still meet their pandemic project deadlines.


About Verona: Verona Appliances’ stylish line of ranges, ovens, cooktops, ventilation, dishwashers and refrigeration have been featured in upscale kitchens around the world since 1958. Designed and manufactured in the suburbs of Venice, Italy, each Verona cooking appliance is held to the highest standards of quality and is made to U.S. market specifications. Verona’s new Designer Series offers the ability to customize a range with six trending colors, three knob designs and four fuel options using an intuitive online tool. EuroChef USA is proud to offer the Verona line of appliances through an authorized network of U.S. distributors and retailers, suitable for any sized kitchen.

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