Why “Grade A” Teak is the Ideal Wood Furniture Choice

Plastic and synthetic furniture and accessories seem to be the standard choices in many homes. Even if homeowners prefer more natural materials, such as wood, the time investment required to care for wood furniture can be a hassle. This is especially true in areas with high moisture, since water can degrade wood furniture over time. What can homeowners do if they desire the comfort and natural look of wood furniture, without the upkeep?

Teak furniture may be the solution. Teak is a type of wood sourced from Indonesia, India, Thailand and Malaysia with a high natural oil and rubber content. The natural properties of the teak tree, Tectona Grandis, make teak highly durable and resistant to rot and decay even in wet environments. Teak furniture requires no treatment, weatherproofing and very little maintenance and can be used both indoors and outdoors without worry. It is also an ideal choice for indoor and outdoor furniture because of the wood’s high natural resistance to insects, including termites.

Why You Should Always Choose Grade A Teak

Grade A teak is simply the highest quality teak that money can buy. As opposed to lower grades of teak, Grade A teak is harvested from the center or “heart” of the Tectona Grandis tree, where the natural oil content is the highest. Grade A teak has many desirable properties including a beautiful, rich color, optimal oil content and resistance to bacteria and decay that wood harvested further from the center of the tree might lack.

Grade B and Grade C teak is more susceptible to forming knots, discoloration and gray and black veins. Many Grade B and Grade C teak products are sold with several coats of finish to mimic the natural Grade A look – don’t be fooled, and always confirm where your teak was sourced from before buying.

Long Lasting Beauty and Comfort

The initial investment in teak furniture can be higher than other types of wood, but since teak lasts for generations with little to no maintenance, it can be well worth the investment. There are many teak products that make the bathroom, patio or any indoor or outdoor space more inviting and comfortable. Teak is commonly used in many applications for example, custom and standard shower mats and bases, shower benches, caddies, patio furniture, dining room tables, steps for hot tubs and much more.

ARB Teak, a company that specializes in Grade A teak furniture, sells a wide variety of products to meet any indoor or outdoor requirement. ARB Teak only uses sustainably harvested Indonesian teak in its products to guarantee the highest quality and lowest environmental impact.

If you are considering adding new wood furniture and accessories for your home, teak may be the perfect fit. It provides the hassle-free durability and long-lasting beauty that homeowners love.