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Give Your Tables Some Dual Rectangular Legs to Stand On and Stand Out!

Mockett’s Dual Rectangular Table Leg set will give your furniture the beautiful finishing touch it deserves. Designed by Nancy Montgomery, Los Angeles, California, the table leg set is strikingly simple. TL37B is a highly versatile, modern twin table leg that will fit into any design landscape. Its slender figure consists of two rectangular legs that […]

Why “Grade A” Teak is the Ideal Wood Furniture Choice

Plastic and synthetic furniture and accessories seem to be the standard choices in many homes. Even if homeowners prefer more natural materials, such as wood, the time investment required to care for wood furniture can be a hassle. This is especially true in areas with high moisture, since water can degrade wood furniture over time. What can homeowners do if they desire the comfort and natural look of wood furniture, without the upkeep?

Will Soy flour Soon Replace Petroleum in Adhesives?

AUBURN, AL – Soy flour could soon replace petroleum—at least in adhesives used in the manufacturing of particleboard. Professor Brian Via of the Auburn University School of Forestry and Wildlife Sciences has obtained a patent that will allow soy flour to replace petroleum-based adhesives traditionally utilized to manufacture wood components in particleboard, an engineered wood […]