Argon Medical Devices Celebrates 50 Years of Innovation and Cutting-Edge Advances

Frisco, TX – Argon Medical Devices, Inc., a leading manufacturer of medical devices for interventional procedures, announces its 50th anniversary. This impressive milestone speaks to the dedication of the company’s employees who take pride in the impact their contributions make on patients around the globe. Headquartered in Frisco, Texas, Argon offers a broad line of best-in-class products for Interventional Radiology, Interventional Oncology and Vascular Surgery procedures. Thanks to outstanding service, reliability, and quality, Argon maintains loyal strategic partnerships with physicians, clinicians, medical device distributors and strategic OEMs.

Argon was founded in 1972 producing procedural guidewires, gradually expanding to introduce disposable packs, special procedure kits and trays for Cardiology and Critical Care procedures.

In 2009, Argon’s strategic direction shifted to focus on products for Interventional Radiology. This led to further expansion of the product portfolio through acquisitions of companies and products in the interventional vascular, interventional oncology areas, including clot management, biopsy and drainage segments. More recently, the company bolstered its research and development capabilities, leading to introduction of organically developed products including the Scorpion® Portal Vein Access Series, Halo single-loop snares, BioPince® Ultra Full Core Biopsy Instrument, and Single- and Triple-Loop vena cava filter retrieval kits.

“As we begin 2022, there is a feeling of excitement that Argon is celebrating its 50th anniversary,” says President and CEO, George Leondis. “I am proud that we have achieved this milestone, highlighted by the tremendous growth we experienced in the last decade with the steady introduction of innovative products. We are dedicated in our mission to improve the lives of patients and caregivers through the innovation, manufacturing and delivery of best-in-class medical devices and superior service. This is what enabled our evolution from a small medical accessories company to a global leader competing with the largest players in our industry. I look forward to making our 50th year the best year, ever.”


About Argon Medical
Argon Medical is a global manufacturer of specialty medical products, headquartered in Plano, Texas. Argon offers a broad line of medical devices for Interventional Radiology, Vascular Surgery, Interventional Cardiology and Oncology. Argon’s brand is recognized for best-in-class products that improve patient outcomes via percutaneous, image-guided procedures. By utilizing a well-established sales and marketing infrastructure, Argon serves its global customers through a direct sales organization and through long-standing relationships with medical device distributors, strategic partners and OEMs.

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