DECOCER Signature Design Ceramic Collections Stunned at the British SURFACE DESIGN SHOW

Decocer, a ceramic company specializing in the design and manufacture of small format and custom-made pieces, participated in the prestigious British fair SURFACE DESIGN SHOW, held in London from February 6 to 8, in the information stand that Tile of Spain prepared for the event.


The SURFACE DESIGN SHOW is one of the leading trade fairs for architecture and decoration professionals specializing in flooring and wall covering materials in the British market. Visitors include specifiers, but also developers, property developers, and contractors.

Decocer displayed several of its signature design ceramic collections at the Tile of Spain stand. Its small format tiles are very exclusive and stand out because they combine the essence and traditional values of traditional tiles, which are in great demand in the British market.

Decocer’s ceramic collections are full of material authenticity, craftsmanship, care, intensity, color, details, nuances, glazes, shades, volumes, gloss, textures, reliefs, and graphics.

During the specialized fair, Decocer showed the Poetic, Hydraulic Classic, and Origin collections. The Poetic series covers rectangular (6.5X26 cm.) and square (13×13 cm.) formats and stands out for its intense glazing and expressiveness of color, which allows both formats and colors to be combined.


With the Origin collection, different patterns can be made according to their placement, and they are manufactured in square (12,4×12,4cm.) and rectangular (6,1×25 cm) formats; but above all it stands out for its shades, each one is different, vibrant and of great temperament.

Both Poetic and Origin are modular, multi-format collections that allow you to customize the design and create spaces in motion, as the different formats are compatible with each other, making it possible to harmonize square and rectangular tiles. This versatility makes it possible to design repetitive geometric patterns, and by combining shapes and colors, visually appealing tapestries can be achieved.

The Hydraulic Classic collection is a renewed hydraulic porcelain stoneware floor tile with a contemporary touch for 21st-century homes. It is manufactured in the traditional 20X20 cm. square format of hydraulic tiles.


About Decocer

Decocer is a ceramic tile company that starts from the tradition of hand-painted and decorated with several firings to become a modern industry with the same taste as usual. It is a company that has been able to combine the most authentic and traditional ceramics with the most on trend, advanced and contemporary proposals.

The ceramic tile company specialized in the design and development of unique, small-size pieces, customized to the project and the needs of architecture and interior design professionals, which makes it unique on an international level. It also offers a wide range of sizes and unique geometries and finishes.

Decocer is a strategic partner that designs collections tailored to the needs of prestigious manufacturers, distribution chains in Spain and other international countries, architects and interior designers.

Decocer was founded in 1988 as a hand-decorated and hand-painted piece company, and today it has the best manufacturing technology, always remaining faithful to the essence of the ceramic product which designs and manufactures.

Decocer has an international presence in 20 countries around the world and around 75% of its sales are made to international markets. Its main markets are the USA, UK, Italy, Belgium, Canada, Australia, and Spain. Its goal is to continue growing in these markets by positioning itself as the most exclusive option for small-scale and high-end ceramic products.

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