Decocer to Present a Range of Traditional and Modern Ceramic Tile Designs at COVERINGS 2024

Decocer exhibits once again at COVERINGS, the most important ceramic tile tradeshow in the USA, taking place in Atlanta from April 22nd to 25th.

Decocer, a ceramic tile company specialized in the design and manufacturing of small size pieces, will be present once again at COVERINGS, the most important ceramic sector fair in the USA, taking place in Orlando from April 22nd to 25th.

For the new spring season, the unique 5×50 cm. geometry takes center stage, along with new versions of hexagonal pieces, Lisbon blues, floral patterns, feathers, multi-format zelliges, exotic lapis lazulis, and grays for pools, graphics, mattes, and highly expressive material effects.

Hexagons with floral patterns.
During the fair, Decocer presents a new collection of hexagons in porcelain stoneware in the 14X16 cm. format, featuring delicate flowers reminiscent of Japanese decoration in various spring tones.

Lisbon: traditional graphics in the 10X10 cm. format.
Also, it will introduce a new collection, Lisbon, in the small 10X10 cm. size in the range of grays, both in gloss and matte finishes. The collection is presented with a wide range of traditional and contemporary graphics in the traditional blues of Portuguese ceramics.

The star format: 5×50 cm. slats.
During Coverings, a wide range of collections in a new 5×50 cm. format can also be seen. This size, notable for its length, allows for a wide variety of patterns. The Elysian series is inspired by a range of brown and beige tones, evoking a sense of connection to the earth, and features an irregular finish. The Ethereal collection offers a variety of soft colors, where green and peach stand out especially.

Also in this format, we find the Rougemont series, composed of irregular porcelain pieces like bricks. Additionally, there is the Chic series, which includes colors in the cement range. And for those seeking true expression, Decocer has developed spectacular reactive colors with a crackled effect.

Multi-format zellige.Another novelty for this fair is the renewed zellige. Decocer has added to its existing square format of 10×10 cm a rectangular piece of 5×20 cm. Both modularize with each other generating a multi-format. These are collections that perfectly combine square and rectangular tiles and allow for endless combinations by mixing geometries, sizes, and colors.

Custom monochromes.
Decocer stands out for designing and developing custom collections for its clients. In this line, during COVERINGS, pieces of different shapes, such as feathers, hexagons, and slats of different sizes, will be showcased in a wide range of 11 solid monochrome types. Of course, the color range is endless, and customizations can be made without limits.

Varenna Collection: connection with nature.
Every day we feel a growing need to connect with nature. That’s why we see how our homes, in a special way, are integrating with them. In this sense, Decocer presents the Varenna collection, inspired by natural elements. Through the incorporation of these earthy and clay components, spaces that transmit calm and well-being are created.


About Decocer
Decocer is a ceramic tile company that starts from the tradition of hand-painted and decorated with several firings to become a modern industry with the same taste as usual. It is a company that has been able to combine the most authentic and traditional ceramics with the most on trend, advanced and contemporary proposals.

The ceramic tile company specialized in the design and development of unique, small-size pieces, customized to the project and the needs of architecture and interior design professionals, which makes it unique on an international level. It also offers a wide range of sizes and unique geometries and finishes.

Decocer is a strategic partner that designs collections tailored to the needs of prestigious manufacturers, distribution chains in Spain and other international countries, architects and interior designers.

Decocer was founded in 1988 as a hand-decorated and hand-painted piece company, and today it has the best manufacturing technology, always remaining faithful to the essence of the ceramic product which designs and manufactures.

Decocer has an international presence in 20 countries around the world and around 75% of its sales are made to international markets. Its main markets are the USA, UK, Italy, Belgium, Canada, Australia, and Spain. Its goal is to continue growing in these markets by positioning itself as the most exclusive option for small-scale and high-end ceramic products.

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