Dunn-Edwards New Neutrals Color Collection is a Study in Elegance and Versatility

The hand-picked collection features 160 new versatile and liveable hues spanning warm browns, cool grays, and everything in between.

LOS ANGELES Dunn-Edwards Corporation recently introduced 160 new hues as part of its New Neutrals Color Collection. Hand-selected with livable colors in mind, the collection is made up of versatile neutrals ranging from comfortably cool grays to warm and cozy browns.

“Perhaps more than ever, we’ve found that people are seeking comfort at home — which, in our world of paint and color, translates perfectly to calming neutrals,” said Sara McLean, Color Expert + Stylist at Dunn-Edwards. “This new collection is chock-full of understated yet welcoming browns and grays that create a sense of peace and quiet. Neutrals are timeless, and this new collection gives homeowners a wide selection to ensure they find the right hue for their home, no matter its style.”

The “Warm Neutrals” palette includes 80 subtle browns, creams, and earthy neutrals that can transform any home into a designer retreat. Lightly grounded hues like Moonstone Beach (DEBN62) and Go Quietly (DEBN29) make space for the subtle dance of texture and light. Delicate yet naturally confident, this nature-inspired palette draws strength from baked clays, sun-kissed sand, mushrooms, and seeds. Homeowners can bring the serenity of the outdoors inside with neutrals that reflect hues found in nature and play well in any combination, and with nearly any design style, from Boho to Craftsman.

The “Cool Neutrals” palette introduces 80 grays and cool neutrals that create the perfect muted backdrop for a colorful life. Classically relaxed and elegant, livable and delicate colors like Winterfell (DEGR79) and Marinescape (DEGR77) harmonize with nearly every design style. The hushed palette lives in the gray area where cool neutrals feel both peaceful and refined, drawing inspiration from the best of nature: forest fog, sea foam, fluffy clouds, summer nights, icicles, and quiet moments.

The New Neutrals Color Collection was inspired by customer requests for more go-to neutral color options that look smart in any combination. The new hues are a great supplement to the brand’s designer-preferred color system, Dunn-Edwards Perfect Palette®. To learn more about Dunn-Edwards and its user-friendly color selection tools, visit:


About Dunn-Edwards
Dunn-Edwards is one of the nation’s leading manufacturers and distributors of premium architectural, industrial and high-performance paints, coatings and paint supplies. It operates over 150 company stores in California, Arizona, Nevada, New Mexico and Texas, and over 100 domestic and 250 international dealer locations in 12 countries. Dunn-Edwards is dedicated to preserving and protecting the environment and produces its coatings in a LEED® Gold-certified manufacturing plant. Based in Southern California, the almost 100-year-old company has approximately 1,700 employees. Dunn-Edwards is a wholly owned subsidiary of Osaka, Japan-based Nippon Paint Holdings Co., Ltd. (TYO 4612), one of the world’s largest paint companies. For more information, visit

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