Dunn-Edwards Paints Announces 2022 Color Of The Year

“Art and Craft” Channels Shades of the 1970s, Old World Sophistication, and the Sumptuousness of Suede

Dunn-Edwards is proud to announce the 2022 Color of the Year: Art and Craft (DET682). This autumnal hue is a warm and earthy shade that evokes feelings of stability and calm while allowing for a large range of play with creativity and change.

“Optimism means embracing reality and new opportunities. We see our color and design choices mirroring our inner needs as we are challenged to build new paths,” said Sara McLean, Color Expert and Stylist for Dunn-Edwards. “Art and Craft is a timeless shade that embodies both the past as well as the optimism and excitement of the future.”

Art and Craft (DET682) is represented in Dunn-Edwards 2022 color + design trends story “Naturrensing.” This trend highlights the need to cut back on clutter, refocus on what’s essential and get in touch with our earth-loving roots.

Art and Craft is a nature-based hue that is moody and complex yet versatile. Its sophistication complements surrounding colors, acting as a foundation as well as tying other colors together. To achieve this, try Dunn-Edwards suggested color scheme of Art and Craft (DET682), Cotton Club (DET431) and Gypsum Rose (DET452).

Emerging from quarantine brought a new admiration and wonderment for nature and human connection, and Art and Craft meets the needs of those seeking calm and adventure alike. Earthy neutrals and warm tones connect us with the reality around us. Whether it’s the chocolate brown hills or rocky mountain paths, we feel the most connected when we’re outside. This is our Mother Earth.

A New Take on a Classic
A new generation of designers are giving classics a modern spin with the cottagecore and light and dark academia aesthetics. We see a resurgence of traditional colors from these slower time periods, including browns consisting of umbers, ochres, walnuts, and clay browns.

Also inspired by the 70s bohemian flair and folkloric design, Art and Craft connects to trends of earthy hues through fashion, furniture, and design. Pulling from the whimsical country style, prairie gardens, and organic hues of the time, we continue to trend forward showcasing the best of this free-flowing decade.

Health and Wellness
Art and Craft is a grounding color that taps into nourishing, stabilizing, and calming atmospheres. As an alternative to black, brown is softer and warmer, generating feelings of wholesomeness. The color connects directly with nature and its peaceful elements.

“This is a versatile color that we expect to see applied across a variety of industries and disciplines throughout 2022,” said McLean. “I see bohemian glamour and a touch of autumn in Paris. Art and Craft is truly a down-to-earth color that signifies stability, comfort, and calm, a color that expresses what we all seek right now.”

For color palette ideas and inspiration, visit our design blog and see the video.


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