Elevator Service Provider Experiences Record Growth

New York City – American Elevator Group (AEG), the largest independent elevator service provider in North America, has experienced unparalleled expansion since its inception in 2020. Having started with a single company – Unitec Elevator in NYC – AEG has in record time added 18 businesses to its portfolio, covering 21 states, now serving more than 27,000 elevators with more than 1,200 employees. Today, AEG is established as one of the most trusted groups of select and experienced elevator service providers in the United States.

“The elevator market is rapidly growing and we are energized to stake our place in it,” says Mark Boelhouwer, AEG President. “Our vision for the business is to be the strong, viable alternative that the market needs – bridging the gap between regional independent companies and the proprietary corporations. We founded this company to create a platform for independent companies to share resources, technology, and knowledge, while retaining their independence and individualism – continuing to provide the same excellent personal, regional service they have always done.”

Safety and training are major priorities at AEG, and the company has launched several safety initiatives that underpin a deep-rooted safety culture. These include the introduction of mobile safety training units, the rollout of a best-in-class safety training program based on industry-recognized safety excellence, and the deployment of Toolbox Talks to promote continuous learning and awareness.

In January, AEG proudly introduced their stunningly designed and user-focused new website, “We are excited about our new web presence,” explains John Curzon, VP of Marketing and Communications at AEG, “however, this is just the beginning. We will shortly be launching a unique user experience, perfectly tailored to the individual’s needs and interests.”

Since launch, AEG has assembled a team of highly regarded industry professionals – most recently adding industry heavyweights Eduardo Amato as Chief Financial Officer, Bryan Clairmont as Chief Operating Officer, and Eric Lazear as Vice President of Business Development. In addition, the company has provided continuous investment in its people, upgrading the benefits packages across the group, and introducing a tuition reimbursement program for all employees.

“Every team member plays a valued role in our organization and receives the tools, equipment, resources, and training they need to carry out their work safely and efficiently,” adds Boelhouwer. “AEG is founded on our Declaration of Independents, which commits to investing in our people; never compromising on safety; focusing on what’s best for the customer; building winning partnerships; sharing our knowledge; and being a force for good.”

“Our vision is to continue to grow AEG across North America and beyond, and we are always looking for outstanding partners to add to our group,” Boelhouwer states, but clarifying that the purpose of the company’s growth goes beyond that of profit. “Our aim is to build something that lasts, which is why we have been so selective about the partners we choose. We are creating something that will make a significant impact on the industry for many years to come.”


About American Elevator Group
Founded in 2020, American Elevator Group (AEG) is the largest independent elevator service provider in North America with more than 330 years of combined management experience in the elevator industry. The group consists of independent elevator companies that deliver local expertise and customer service across 21 states. Backed by significant resources in safety, finance, technology, marketing, and operations, the group is in a continuous state of growth.

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