Gain Premium Sample Experience from Durasein and Swatchbox

Durasein, a global manufacturer of premium solid surface products for the building industry, has partnered with Swatchbox, the premier sample fulfillment platform for building products, to deliver an elevated sample experience for designers and architects.

The partnership places Durasein’s leading solid surface materials on Swatchbox Pro, a free digital platform for professional designers and architects to discover and request samples from leading building product manufacturers around the world. Durasein samples requested through Swatchbox are expedited to arrive at any firm in the United States in 1-2 business days in order to accommodate tight deadlines for designers. The service is entirely free for all verified building professionals.

“The Durasein brand is founded on facilitating a free flow of creative expression for designers everywhere,” said Brandon Guthrie, Brand Manager at Durasein USA. “By delivering a premium sample experience with Swatchbox, we’re working to remove a key burden from every project and empower designers to continue what they do best: creating.”

“Durasein provides building professionals with a vital combination of not just quality materials, but resources to inspire their application in creative ways,” said Benjamin Glunz, CEO of Swatchbox. “We are thrilled to welcome Durasein to the Swatchbox platform.”

Durasein samples are available for free to verified building professionals on Swatchbox Pro at


About Durasein
Durasein is a solid surface manufacturer that has been in business since 1999 and selling in the USA since 2005. The Durasein solid surface is 100% acrylic solid surface material is incredibly pliable, durable and renewable. That means you can shape it into almost anything, it can stand up to whatever you dish out and it can be resurfaced to like-new condition with just a little bit of elbow grease. Their entire brand is dedicated to serving the architects, designers, and fabricators that fuel our industry.

About Swatchbox®
Swatchbox, an Anguleris brand, is the premier sample fulfillment service for building product manufacturers. With proprietary software designed by insiders of the design community, Swatchbox helps manufacturers improve product sales and brand affinity by delivering material samples to the design community with speed, intelligence, and style.

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