Infinity Drain Identifies Key Bathroom Trends for 2021

Amityville, NY, December 2020Infinity Drain, an industry leader in decorative shower and wet area drain solutions, identifies key bathroom design trends, styles and finishes for 2021 based on popular linear drain and center drain patterns, sales and grassroots interest.

Overall Design Trends

“Infinity Drain is the brand of choice for residential and commercial bathroom projects, so we wanted to share what we’re projecting will be the hottest trends this coming year,” states Jonathan Brill, President of Infinity Drain. “Going forward, some of the major trends we are seeing are: 1) The home spa takes center stage and residential projects will be a major focus for designers and consumers. 2) Trades people are now embracing time-saving modernization with products (such as the Infinity Drain stainless steel shower base) that allow them to deliver projects quickly and more cost-effectively. 3) Hygiene at home and in commercial settings is a priority. Wet rooms make it far easier to spray down and clean walls, floors since there is no separation between wet and dry areas. 4) Safety and ADA considerations for indoor and outdoor areas are also top-of-mind – creating safe outdoor areas that drain well and have barrier-free access for all. Linear drains work seamlessly in these environments to create barrier-free wet room designs.”

Finishes for 2021

Infinity Drain Identifies Key Bathroom Trends for 2021

Matte Black (BK) is the “it” color for fixtures and hardware as it pairs well with smart, cool neutrals from white to gray which are the predominant colors for cabinetry and tile. For 2021, the overall color palette is beginning to warm with green blues, warm whites, greige (gray/beige) and wood tones. An excellent option to tie in a warm matte look that is rich and full of vintage charm is Infinity Drain’s Oil Rubbed Bronze (ORB). Satin Bronze (SB) also works to create a welcoming and warm spa-like bath combining the traditional feel of brass with the modern appeal of rose gold. Satin and Polished Stainless Steel are timeless finishes that remain extremely popular for their durability and flexibility to integrate with any style.

Grate Styles for 2021

While traditional styles like Wedge Wire will always be popular, geometric patterns and intricate shapes have become a top trend among homeowners and designers looking to make a statement. The biggest style trend is the one that disappears entirely with Tile-In or Slot drains that have narrow profiles, and virtually disappear from view – making the tile pattern the hero in the space.

New Technologies for 2021

Infinity Drain Identifies Key Bathroom Trends for 2021

Infinity Drain’s patent-pending pre-sloped stainless steel shower base cuts installation time significantly on a project and has the benefit of being completely waterproof. Site Sizable Linear Drains, Universal Linear Drains and the patented Compact Clamping Floor Drain Body for Linear Drains help increase design flexibility on-site to achieve a high-end custom look. Look for modern methods of waterproofing to increase and installation time savers to help cut project costs, increase safety/accessibility as well as durability (waterproofing).


About Infinity Drain

For over a decade, Infinity Drain has established itself as a leader in design-centric decorative shower drains with a reputation of unsurpassed quality.  From hand polishing decorative grates to custom fabrication – all at the exacting specifications of customers, Infinity Drain offers the broadest selection of decorative choices and installation options. Its award-winning designs and innovations, including the Site Sizable® linear drain, continue to shape barrier-free bathroom design. Infinity Drain is revolutionizing bathroom installation with its completely waterproof Stainless Steel Shower Base backed with an original owner lifetime guarantee. Infinity Drain products are proudly fabricated in Long Island, NY, USA. For additional information, visit

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