Island Stone Ledger Panels Deliver Timeless Look of Split-Face Stone

Watsonville, CA — Island Stone expanded its collection of Stone Essentials Textured Wall Tiles with the introduction of Ledger Panel and Ledger Corner. The textured wall tiles deliver the striking, enduring look of stone cladding in an easy-to-install, large-format stone Ledger panel suitable for indoor and outdoor residential and commercial applications.

Ledger wall tiles offer the rustic-yet-clean look of split-face, tightly stacked stone, with a classic chiseled style ideal for enhancing interior walls, kitchen backsplashes, fireplace walls, shower walls, and exterior walls. For applications wrapping a corner, Ledger Corners come in two sizes that fit perfectly together at a right angle for a finished, crisp appearance.

“Stone is a material that never falls out of fashion — timeless, warm, and beautiful in nearly any setting. Ledger Panels and Corners deliver this look and feel, while being efficient and cost effective to install. This makes genuine natural stone products accessible for all types of projects,” said Nigel Eaton, CEO for Island Stone.

Ledger Panel and Ledger Corner come in five colors: Frost White, Alabaster, Hazy Grey, Moonlit, and Charcoal Glint; Frost White and Charcoal Glint feature a hint of sparkle. The Ledger Panels measure 23-5/8” by 5-7/8” and 5/8” thick, covering 0.97 square feet per panel. The Ledger Corner pieces that have natural face edges, provide a natural looking corner and an easy installation.

About Island Stone
Island Stone has its origins in Indonesia, where company founders were inspired by the nation’s handicraft industry and natural stones to create the flagship Perfect Pebble Tile. The company’s original mosaics diversified into other natural mosaics, using exotic stones. Anchored in wanderlust for exploration, culture, and design, the company continues to evolve its creative use of natural and timeless materials, sourcing from distinct locales around the globe and featuring a range of natural stone tiles and mosaics, glass tiles and mosaics, as well as natural stone wall tiles and timber wall panels and cladding. For more information visit or call 1-800-371-0001. Follow Island Stone on Instagram for the latest updates.

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