Italian Terra Cotta Tiles Bring Warmth, Authenticity to Spaces

An ancient material, terra cotta has been used for building material, cookware, storage vessels and religious artifacts for tens of thousands of years. Due to this history, ‘cotto’ is still esteemed as one of the great, authentic materials with enduring appeal.

italian-terra-cotta-tiles-bring-warmth-authenticity-to-spaces-2Terra cotta tiles are especially ideal for creating warm, welcoming spaces. Reminiscent of the Italian family and tradition, terra cotta breathes life along with a sense of ancient history into rooms whether used in classic floor applications or on vertical surfaces. Like real metal, leather and wood, terra cotta – with proper preparation, sealing and care, becomes a living material that withstands the test of time.

With their distinct texture and earthy tones, terra cotta tiles are often a defining feature in many restaurants and Mediterranean or Tuscan-style homes. These tiles owe their rich coloration to the iron content within, which reacts to form iron oxide upon firing, giving them their characteristic hue.


About Alchemy Materials
Created in 2013 as a source of specialized materials that were not readily available to architects and designers, Alchemy Materials is focused on ceramic finishes from Italy, Japan and the U.S. As a color and texture lab, Alchemy Materials has collaborated on projects with some of the biggest names in the design industry looking to source luxe feature material, high quality historical reproductions, or combine the readily available with the hard-to-find. These days, Alchemy’s modestly sized workshop/studio in New York City’s Flatiron district works on projects globally, all by appointment and growing primarily through repeat business and word-of-mouth between top firms.

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