KCMA Welcomes Elite Cleanroom as New Member

Reston, VA – The Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers Association (KCMA), which champions advocacy, leadership, and quality in the North American cabinet industry, is proud to welcome Elite Cleanroom into the organization as a new member.

Based in Michigan, Elite Cleanroom is the premier paint shop laundering provider in the United States, with a variety of services and offerings throughout the country. The company’s facility in Lapeer, Michigan is equipped to supply exceptional cleaning performance with a variety of cutting-edge wash technologies, including for the cabinet manufacturing industry.

Elite Cleanroom is committed to environmental stewardship and follows all governmental regulations concerning air and water. With an innovative, lint-free service process that utilizes purified water, customers can be assured that Elite Cleanroom goes the extra mile to protect the environment.

“We’re thrilled to share that Elite Cleanroom has joined the KCMA family,” said Betsy Natz, Chief Executive Officer at KCMA. “With the demand for cabinet stain services rising, it’s wonderful to have a company on board that specializes in the cleaning requirements for this segment of the industry. We look forward to learning from each other.”

“Elite Cleanroom’s products and services are the fuel that keeps businesses running fast and efficient. In an industry that is vital in practically every market across North America, creating a lint-free environment has its own set of challenges and needs that Elite Cleanroom is dedicated to helping solve,” said Steve Mini, Business Development at Elite Cleanroom. “We’re looking forward to being active with KCMA and their great members to establish our brand recognition.”

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About Elite Cleanroom

Elite Cleanroom’s products and services are the fuel that keeps businesses running fast and efficient. Elite Cleanroom has enjoyed a rich history working with its customers. The majority of products and services that EC brings to market are based upon the growing needs of your business.

About KCMA

The Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers Association (KCMA) is a non-profit organization founded in 1955 to represent companies who manufacture cabinets, bath cabinets, or other residential cabinets and key kitchen and bath industry suppliers.

With a membership of almost 300 companies throughout North America, KCMA works to advance the cabinet industry through advocacy, setting cabinet quality standards, sponsoring kitchen and bath cabinet-related research and providing the cabinet industry with management tools and educational programs to grow their business.

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