Luxurious Facet Bathtub Wins Architizer A+ Product Award for Aesthetics, Performance, and Impact

Santa Fe, NM – Stone Forest, designers and creators of home and garden products sculpted from the world’s most beautiful natural materials is proud to announce that its Facet bathtub has been chosen as one of Architizer magazine’s A+ Products.

More than 200 judges participated in choosing finalists and winners in 39 categories. They chose products based on these criteria:

Aesthetics are the visible shape and materiality of the product. The jury considered the product’s form, detailing and quality. The product’s aesthetic needs to have a clear stance on its relationship to the architecture it inhabits and the users who will experience it. It isn’t enough to be sculptural; it should also be relevant for its function and end users.

Performance refers to achieving the often complex goals for which the product is intended. The jury referred to the product’s description to better understand the criteria used in designing and developing the product and what it aims to serve.

Impact refers to a product’s potential to change the way buildings are designed and built. Product designers and brands must embrace new technologies and shifting demands and trends in order to remain relevant.

“We are so honored that the industry has had such an amazing response to this product,” said Michael Zimber, founder of Stone Forest. “Working with and experimenting with various natural materials is something we are passionate about, and we never take for granted any of the honors and accolades our products receive.”

Carved from single blocks of Antique Gray Limestone or Noce Basalt, Facet is an architectural statement piece that is the embodiment of a functional sculpture, emphasizing the simple beauty of natural stone.

Hand-crafted to create subtle flat planes that reflect and refract light when viewed from different angles, the unique faceted exterior makes a strong architectural statement. Taking three weeks to complete, the ovoid shape is squared at each end to provide a small rest for accouterments, while the interiors are smooth and inviting.

Available in two luxurious stones, Antique Gray Limestone, also called “bluestone”, and Noce Basalt are sourced from quarries throughout Europe. As with other stone tubs, the material takes on the ambient temperature of the room, creating a vessel for experiencing soul healing calm and the suspension of time.


About Stone Forest

Stone Forest® has been creating contemporary elements for kitchen, bath and landscape design using natural materials since 1989. Based in Santa Fe, New Mexico the company has a unique understanding of the tolerances of different stones and precious materials. All of their architectural designs are sculpted from materials such as limestone, sandstone, marble and onyx. Stone Forest’s collections include an extensive selection of vessel and pedestal sinks, bathtubs, furniture, fountains and outdoor sculptures. Raw stones are obtained from quarries located around the world, in countries such as Italy, Spain and Brazil. The artisans at Stone Forest let the materials guide the designs, producing products that are a pure expression of each material’s inherent beauty. Stone Forest has won numerous awards including the Good Design® Award and Interior Design magazine’s “Best of Year” Award. Visit Stone Forest at

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