NanoSeptic Becomes Nanotouch® to Better Reflect the Trusted Surfaces it Protects

With 10 Million Touchpoints in Use, Firm Unveils New Name, Corporate Design and Website Around New Brand

Nanotouch® Materials, the leading provider of green, self-cleaning surfaces, today unveils a new brand identity that includes a new name, corporate design, website and overall look and feel for its market-leading line of products.

Nanotouch Materials, founded in 2012, manufactures toxin-free, self-cleaning surfaces that are used in healthcare, hospitality, corporate, sports, education, commercial cleaning and facility management industries across the globe. The firm just eclipsed 10 million touchpoints in use. The name Nanotouch replaces NanoSeptic as part of the company rebranding.

“Our new name better communicates who we are and why thousands of safety-conscious facility managers have trusted our surfaces to foster a cleaner environment,” said Dennis Hackemeyer, co-founder of Nanotouch.

Coupled with the new product name is a new look and feel for Nanotouch Self-Cleaning Surfaces, which range from door handle wraps and sleeves to elevator button covers and portable mats. The designs feature a patterned surface and sleek, clean palette meant not only to blend in with corporate and business aesthetics, but also to reflect a facility manager’s commitment to “healthy cleanliness” by using products that are free of harsh chemicals and heavy metals.

Three new colors to choose from allow flexibility to  match a facility’s style. Another option is to switch among the different colors every 90 days to clearly communicate that you regularly replace Nanotouch Self-Cleaning Surfaces according to efficacy guidelines and best practices.

“The technology behind our surfaces hasn’t changed, but we believe our new brand engenders more understanding how our surfaces create hygienic spaces in public buildings,” said Mark Sisson, co-founder of Nanotouch Materials, adding, “Enabling safer surfaces to exist exactly where and when they are needed –– and without toxins –– is the future of clean.”

“Numerous national surveys report that employees and tenants demand proof of what cleaning protocols are in place. Along with our new designs, our new website provides information for property and facility managers to provide that proof,” said Hackemeyer.

Nanotouch Self-Cleaning Surfaces work 24/7 to oxidize all organic contaminants using nanotechnology and the power of light. Customers include 26 leading pharmaceutical companies, the Top-10 commercial real estate service providers, each American professional sports league, 250 educational campuses, elite four- and five-star hotels, major financial institutions and all levels of government.


About Nanotouch® Materials
Founded in 2012, Nanotouch Materials is a leader in self-cleaning surfaces, utilizing nanocrystal technology to transform dirty, high-traffic touchpoints into continuously self-cleaning surfaces. Based in Forest, Virginia, the company manufactures a line of self-cleaning products, Nanotouch Self-Cleaning Surfaces, which are used throughout the world, serving all industries where hygiene is a priority. Nanotouch Materials has received numerous awards including the 2016 and 2017 ISSA Innovation Award, 2021 Vision Award from and a $2 million research and development grant from the Commonwealth of Virginia. There are over 10 million Nanotouch Materials touchpoints in use worldwide, in facilities ranging from Fortune 200 companies to healthcare facilities, medical schools, pharmaceutical companies, hotels, sports and event venues, airports and all levels of government.

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