New Wilsonart® Quartz Designs Bring the Drama of the World’s Most Breathtaking Landscapes into the Home

Six new designs – including Wilsonart’s first quartzite-inspired offerings – feature a palette of unexpected elements to express your unique style story.

TEMPLE, Texas – Be it cascading water from the world’s tallest waterfall, crisp white sand beaches or a fiery volcanic fissure, décor styles are shaped by worldly experiences and perspectives voiced through colors, materials and movement to portray mindset and values. Wilsonart, a world-class innovator of next-generation engineered surfaces, introduces the Wilsonart® Quartz Dramatic Landscapes Collection that brings the elegance and energy of some of the most majestic places in the world into the home. Featuring six new quartz countertop designs – including Wilsonart’s first two quartzite-inspired offerings – the new collection offers a rich source of inspiration to create interiors that reflect personal expression.

“The latest additions to the Wilsonart Quartz collection have been specifically curated to let designers and homeowners alike play with nature’s beauty and intrinsic movement to create an aura of escape and dramatic landscapes for living,” said Danielle Mikesell, global vice president of marketing and design at Wilsonart. “The Dramatic Landscapes Collection provides the foundation and backdrop for uniquely elegant, expressive spaces that evoke nature’s beauty and moods.”

Featuring a combination of juxtaposing elements, the Dramatic Landscape Collection is a modern mix of cool backgrounds with warm veining and backgrounds with transitioning warm to cool veining. Some designs are unpredictable, playing more with movement. Rather than evenly distributed veins, the veining moves and changes across the slab and are more defined in some areas and faded in others.

“Ultimately, it comes down to the creation of appearances that support the making of a curated form of self-expression,” noted Mikesell. “We want our customers to feel like they have options that will help them express what they are feeling, reminisce in their most treasured experiences or find balance and peace amidst our increasingly chaotic lives.”

The Wilsonart Quartz Dramatic Landscapes Collection includes:

  • Fossa Falls (Q4065): Meaning “river with waterfalls,” Fossa Falls is composed of a soft white background with short waves of foggy grey. A medium-scale, active network of thin veins directionally traverses the slab. These veins vary from dark grey to warm brown and occasionally open up to reveal a marble-like background.
  • Hekla Slope (Q4061): Inspired by one of Iceland’s most active volcanoes, Hekla Slope is a medium-scale movement design composed of a matrix of cool white fragments set in a soft grey background. Thin, elongated veins in dark grey and golden brown extend throughout this quartz surface.
  • Gardar Basalt (Q1023): Like the basalt columns that rise from the black sand of Reynisfjara Beach in Iceland, Gardar Basalt is a mid-tone grey, small-scale particulate quartz offering a meditative depth to any space. Small, transparent particulates appear slightly darker grey, while a very fine reflective glimmer lends an additional dimension to the design.
  • Volcanic Glacier (Q4062): Evoking the intense interaction of fire and ice seen in subglacial volcanic eruptions, Volcanic Glacier is a deep black, large-scale movement design accentuated by swathes of complex, active white veins that fade in and out. This design’s asymmetric structure results in open areas of deep black that stand in contrast to the veined areas.
Volcanic Glacier is a deep black, large-scale movement design accentuated by swathes of complex, active white veins that fade in and out.

Rounding out the collection are two designs that capture the appearance of natural stone quartzite and the warm marble appearance of fragmented rock:

  • Hofn Harbour Q4064: Reminiscent of a quiet Icelandic fishing port, Hofn Harbour delivers the look of quartzite stone. This bright, medium-scale movement design featuring a sandy background is complemented by delicate white veining that actively moves through the slab. Small, slightly darker taupe resin pools are present throughout.
  • Vicentia Q4063: Inspired by the intense white sands of the shores of New South Wales, Australia, this design is a medium-scale movement quartz reminiscent of bright quartzite stone. The soft white background of this design is overlaid by a delicate, active mesh of bright white veins. Small, subtle resin pools throughout create contrast in this design.

“We’ve seen quartzite stone gaining popularity in recent years, and we are thrilled to add these beautiful designs to our collection,” noted Mikesell. “Both of these designs not only offer an elegant quartzite stone look, but they are eco-friendly and built to last.”

Along with the entire Wilsonart Quartz portfolio, the Dramatic Landscapes Collection acts as an inspirational foundation to tell your personal story. All Wilsonart Quartz designs are extremely durable, easy to maintain and clean, stain-resistant, feature a 10-year limited warranty and are UL GREENGUARD Gold Certified for indoor air quality.

Wilsonart Quartz is available at countertop retailers nationwide. For more information about Wilsonart Quartz or Wilsonart® Home products, visit


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