NY Master Carpenter Launches Ladder Stabilizing Assembly System for Increased Safety, Productivity

JEFFERSONVILLE, NY— Master carpenter turned inventor and entrepreneur, Andrew Parsons, recently announced the launch of Ladder-Lock™, a ladder conversion kit designed to increase the safety of its users by improving an extension ladder’s overall stability. Compatible with most 16-to-24-foot extension ladder models with hollow rungs, its patented technology significantly decreases the user’s chances of serious injury and even death. Ladder-Lock™ is currently available by special order only at and retails for $399.

Created for everyone from professionals to DIY home renovators, the Ladder-Lock™ system features two adjustable legs that connect at the ladder midpoint and two adjustable arms that anchor to the ladder’s lowest rung, creating four points of contact that eliminates kicking out, sliding and tipping, and supports more weight than a ladder alone. Aluminum rods are inserted through the hollow rungs of both sets of legs and braces, generating an ultra-sturdy base capable of bearing loads over 450lbs.

“Everyone from painters, contractors, and roofers to people who put their Christmas lights up once a year will benefit from the Ladder Lock,” said Andrew Parsons, founder of Ladder-Lock™. “Throughout my career I have witnessed several people fall off ladders, including myself. Ladder Lock users will feel a new level of assurance and as a result get their jobs done more efficiently.”

About Ladder-Lock™ 
Andrew Parsons has over 40 years of experience in the construction business and developed Ladder-Lock™ as a solution to his own professional carpentry needs. Parsons saw the need in the market and designed the user-friendly ladder conversion kit after feeling unsafe many times while on the job. Determined to create a product that reduces the possibility of injury, the idea for a safer and convenient approach to ladder efficiency was born; as a result of its sophisticated engineering, Parsons built a system that boosts user confidence and optimizes overall productivity.

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