On Cloud Nine: Lodes Launches Versatile and Contemporary Pendant Lighting Solution, Random Cloud

Random Cloud, the latest lighting offering from Lodes, is an impactful, contemporary play on what is considered the archetype of a chandelier. Conceived by Chia-Ying Lee, Random Cloud is an evolution of Lodes’ Random Solo pendant, now connecting multiple glass pendants to a central canopy.

The pendants can be grouped to create ‘‘cloud’ clusters consisting of 7, 14, 19, or 23 lights via variously cut cable lengths designed to create distinct cloud-like formations. Each glass sphere is sized at 23 or 28 cm (diameter) and the ‘clouds’ are available in seven color schemes— resulting in fluid and elegant lighting compositions.

Random Cloud’s light source emanates from a 3W LED module hidden in silicon housing at the top of each glass sphere, which illuminates each pendant evenly and allows for larger configurations to have a bigger light output. The LED module is available in a color temperature of 2700K.

The wide choice of compositions and configurations available to users makes Random Cloud a versatile option for homes, hospitality venues and workspaces alike. Not only is Random Cloud a high-functioning, high-performance light source, but it is also an arresting, aesthetically pleasing design that enhances entryways, living rooms, conference spaces, dining areas, and more.

Of the new lighting solution, Chia–Ying Lee says, “Random Cloud catches the essence of why a cloud keeps fascinating us: voluminous yet weightless and floating. To be able to express these contradictory senses with very simple formation is a joy for me.”

Massimiliano Tosetto, Managing Director of Lodes, comments on the new variant: “Random has been part of our collection since 2017. We are pleased to extend this statement piece into an eye-catching chandelier, that can serve as a powerful lighting composition and as a decorative focal point to fit within hospitality settings and residential interiors, offering flexibility in terms of size and finishes.”

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About Lodes

Balancing innovative technical know-how and the essence of Italian design, Venice-based Lodes has been designing and producing lighting solutions for interiors and exteriors since 1950. Originating in the founder’s passion for glass and informed by continuous technological research, the company has evolved into one of Europe’s leading designers and manufacturers of decorative lighting, currently present in 90 markets worldwide.

Today, Lodes represents a three-generation evolution from pure passion to brilliant lighting solutions, creating light sources that fuse contemporary design and innovative technology with materials of the highest quality, scrupulously developed with the best processing techniques. The company saw an increase of 13% in 2022 with a turnover of 22m€ the same year. 2023 is also expected to see a growth to profits with brand consolidation activities focused on France, the UK, Scandinavia, North America and Asia.

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